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World Maker Faire this weekend

This weekend is World Maker Faire hosted by NYSCI, the New York Hall of Science. Don’t let the name make you think this is the big one; they call it World Maker Faire to honor the 1964-65 World’s Fair in New York where NYSCI was founded. It is still large, since last year they had […]

SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 – Computer Animation Festival Trailer

SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 is the next gathering place for what started out as the USENET NEWSGROUP Special Interest Group: GRAPHics, taking place November 2nd to the 5th in Kobe, Japan. One of the highlights of every such gathering is their Computer Animation Festival Trailer, giving you a taste of what many of the best minds […]


SIGGRAPH is going on right now, from August 9th to the 13th, and many of us are missing it. Here are a few videos explaining a couple of the tracks. While it isn’t as good as being there, a number of these individual programs will hopefully be captured and uploaded to their official SIGGRAPH You […]

Steampunk Unlimited

Since 1832 the Strasburg Rail Road has been running steam trains through Pennsylvania, and is the oldest continuously running steam powered train service in North America. So it is only fitting that in October it will be hosting the Steampunk unLimited, a festival of musicians, craftsmen, authors, and cosplayers taking place in and around the […]

Win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond by supporting charity!

This isn’t a joke, and it is amazing. You really could win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond. Want in? Then go hit This Button and fill out some forms! If you are a Trekkie like me, you will hate yourself if you don’t even take a shot at it! Plus, even if you […]

13th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture

Neil Gaiman gave the 13th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture earlier today. It was broadcast live online, and you can watch it right now. I am truly sorry I will never again have a new Douglas Adams book to read, but these events are worth watching, and the causes they bring you are worth supporting.


My Mardi Gras Float, 2015

Laissez les bons temps roulez! This year I decided to become a Mardi Gras float and join a parade which took place in a Steampunk Variation of New Orleans somewhere around the 1860s. The parade was held by the Crewe of Scribes, the theme was favorite Victorian authors, and I had a tough time deciding […]


The Gundam Fever Project created a simulated Gundam visit to a Tokyo office building and played it for the unsuspecting office workers. They say this is just the first in a series of such pranks. Thanks to Otaku USA Magazine for the heads up on this one.

Attack on Titan Exhibition Ueno No Mori Museum

The Attack on Titan Exhibition will be running at the Ueno No Mori Museum in Tokyo from now to the end of January, so if you are in that area you had best hurry if you want catch it before it goes away. Thanks to Otaku USA for the heads up on this one.


Happy New Year

As we bid adieu to 2014 I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year; hope this new year brings good things to you and yours.


Happy New Year