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May 2016
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A Sad Fairwell to SF Signal

The award winning SF Signal posted its final entry on May 5th, one day after Star Wars Day. For the past almost 13 years I have hit the site at least once a week, always finding lots of interesting and exciting science fiction and fantasy articles and links there. If I went for no other [...]

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice

One of the best Star Wars Fan Films I have seen in the last decade, DARTH MAUL: Apprentice tells a lot of story for being less than 18 minutes long. Pretty much the best Fan Film I have seen so far this year, as well. Enjoy!

Drop It Like Its Spock

This is apparently a Trek parody of the song Drop It Like Its Hot, put together by K Face TV, and it is a fun little video. In fact, this is the best Trek parody video I have seen this year, quite tasty! I also appreciate they give full credit to everyone who worked on [...]

Sci-Fi Parody Songs

There are a ton of Sci-Fi Parody Songs, often and mostly fan built; these are a few of my favorites from the Star Wars franchise. The first is Moves Like Jabba from Break Originals, the second is Star Wars Disney: Let it Flow from Box Step Productions, the third is Wrecking Maul from Randy Turnbow. [...]

Cosplay Remix: BORDERLANDS

This time around the Cosplay is from a number of places, in honor of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection going into wide release. You can go to the home page or just enjoy the video, your choice.

Anime Cosplay Music Videos: Cosplay Fever

There are some amazing Anime Cosplay Music Videos being made, here are a few more you might enjoy. The first is Cosplay Fever: It’s My Life, compiled in Camden, London and shot at the MCM Expo in the UK in October 2011. The next is Cosplay Fever: Raise Your Glass from the London Film & [...]

Anime Cosplay Music Videos

It would not have occurred to me to enter that as a search term, but Anime Cosplay Music Videos is exactly what The TDragon is all about. Some of his work is really amazing, so I wanted to share a few of them. The first is Mulan: “A Girl Worth Fighting For”, and was created [...]

Silly Doctor Who Video

Everyone has already posted the great new videos from Comic Con, but somebody had a lot of fun editing this silly footage together, so I thought I would put this up for your enjoyment instead. It’s been online for a little bit now, but I just found it, so maybe you haven’t seen it either. [...]

Star Trek Wine

According to Radio Times, there are now a series of three different wines with Star Trek labels on them. Named after three fan favorite TOS episodes, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror and The City on the Edge of Forever, each sports a label image reminiscent of their story. Radio Times is a UK publication, [...]

Star Wars Filibuster, now with animation

While I am not a Parks and Recreation fan, I did enjoy the Star Wars filibuster that Patton Oswalt ran, and somebody in Europe has built the perfect animation for it. OK, maybe in Europe and maybe not, there was a whole question about not being able to upload it from a specific country. This [...]