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Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

I don’t even know how to categorize this, but Amanda Palmer has proposed a bartering system to bring us back to how we used to share music, hundreds of years ago. It makes sense for some artists, and it works best if you use the latest social media technology. This is part of the amazing […]

Copyrights and Doctorow

Coming up on Thursday the 28th at the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at Kansas University, Cory Doctorow will be doing a lecture entitled The Coming War on General Purpose Computing: Every single political issue will end up rehashing the stupid Internet copyright fight. I wish I was anywhere near there so […]

Copyrights and Fans

There is a great set of three articles over at Anime News Network about copyright’s as they apply to fandom, written by a lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property law. While they specifically address Anime fans, the concepts discussed are equally valid for any genre fans. They are well written and easy for the non-lawyer […]

Territory Rights explaned

This is the second time in 72 hours I am posting a second entry for the day, and like the previous one, Tv Ratings Explained, it is touching on one aspect of how the business of distributing intellectual property works, specifically of the Sci-Fi TV and Movie programs we all love so much. This time […]

Pirate books

Not books about Pirates, but pirating books. Ursela K LeGuin recently found some of her own books available online as downloads, even though neither she nor her publishers had authorized their release in that media. Text pirating has now joined audio and video as a top copyright violation, mostly due to the growing popularity of […]

SciFi to SyFy

I am assuming they paid the SyFy Portal serious money for stealing their brand. In fact that site, under their new brand Airlock Alpha, admits as much, even if they don’t disclose the amount. I look forward to seeing how they use that cash influx online, and have to cheer on anyone in Science Fiction […]

Kindling Voices

Earlier this week the NY Times published an opinion by Roy Blount Jr., president of the Authors Guild, railing against the Kindle’s Speach To Text feature, saying Amazon never paid for audio rights to the works it sells. Over in the Wall Street Journal, Paul Aiken of the same group claims it is illegal to […]

New Who Today, Watchmen under atack

It is Christmas, which means if you are in the UK you had the opportunity to see the Dr Who Christmas Special; the rest of us will have to be content with this report from the BBC. It does give us some possible spoilers about the identity of the new Who. Fox, no longer happy […]