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Steampunk Short

I particularly like the dragons vs. airships combat. Called Airlords of Airia, this is a Steampunk crowd funded proof-of=concept, built I suspect to generate more funding so they can do the whole thing. It really is nicely put together, and the making of stuff at the end lets you know exactly how they did it.


Steampunk Coffee Maker

While I can not stand the smell or taste of coffee, the device itself is beautiful in its construction and elegant in its execution. I particularly like the blend of the Steampunk with the microchip tech, even though purists will no doubt not care for it. But the temperature stability is important to the flavor […]


Steamstock is coming on October 7th to the Bay Area, and is a total Steampunk concert. Artists playing for the event include Thomas Dolby, Abney Park, Frenchy and the Punk, Vernian Process, and many more. I wish I lived on that coast, I would love to attend this event.


Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Audiobook

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has an audio book available as a podcast series that I would like to recommend. It has all the Steampunk goodness of the written format without the need of focusing your eyes on the printed page, and thereby getting distracted. Not terribly surprising, considering the author had a hand in […]

Online Steampunk Comics

Yes, you can also get the printed version of these two, but they look real good online and you can read them there for free. The old favorite Steampunk Comic that you have seen mentioned here many times before is Girl Genius, a graphic novel series so good it has won some serious awards. I […]

Steampunk Revolution

This may be Abney Park’s best song to date, which is saying something considering their long line of Steampunk hits, but it is most certainly the best Steampunk music video ever put together. There is an amazing culture out there, and more of the outstanding people, groups, and projects are represented in this one than […]

New Abney Park

If you are a fan of Steampunk and Steampunk music, you will be happy to know there is a new Abney Park song posted online, Evil Man. And if you are a Steampunk fan, you want to go vote for the Steam Punk Chronicles Awards, letting them know what you favorite choice is for each […]

Abney Park audio book

It is more Captain Robert, of course, than the band as a whole, but the first several chapters of The Wrath Of Fate are available to purchase, or to listen to online if you need a taste before making your decision. This is the fictionalized story of the origin of Abney Park, a kick-ass Steampunk […]

Steampunk Film Festival, missed clone movie

I am embarrassed to say I missed a Sci-Fi DVD release this week: Never Let Me Go, the new film based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro. He also wrote a little story called The Remains of the Day, but this time around we follow the lives of three people over three decades who were […]

Steampunk TV Show

This one comes as Webisodes, which is rapidly becoming the norm as the various flavors of multimedia converge. And some of the folks involved have had a hand in blurring the lines between the various media delivery types for previous shows, like the narrator Amanda Tapping who launched the first episode of Sanctuary online, with […]