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Wild Cards on TV!

George R.R. Martin announced his shared superhero universe Wild Cards is coming to TV, and I cheered for a good 30 minutes. Melinda M. Snodgrass has been deeply involved with the project from the beginning as both a writer and an editor, and she will be an executive producer for the new TV show. UPC […]

Hot Air Ballooning Underground

Just one of many excellent video clips from Outrageous Acts of Science, which airs on The Science Channel every Wednesday evening. They cover an array of stories, all of which qualify as outrageous, and most of which have a noticeable touch of silly to them. Plus I find it interesting to see just what some […]

CW DC Returns in October

The DC Comics shows that the CW Network runs are favorites of mine, and they return with new episodes in October. The Flash kicks off its new season on Tuesday, October 4th, followed by Arrow hot on its heels on Wednesday the 5th. Also on Wednesday the 5th they roll out the new sci-fi show […]

Buckaroo Banzai TV Show

Kevin Smith is going to be building the TV show version of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, all because he did such a good job directing some recent episodes of The Flash. Some people at MGM saw those episodes and offered him a shot at creating a TV show for them, […]

The Shannara Chronicles

MTV brought The Shannara Chronicles to television, and you can watch the first 4 episodes now on their web site. The show is based on the Epic Fantasy series of books of the same name written by Terry Brooks, and are the stories of the Four Lands. The story arc for season 1 is all […]

The Expanse Renewed

I am happy they have renewed The Expanse for a second season, because there is so much story in the books that there was no way they could fit it into just 10 hours. Of course, they haven’t aired all of the first season yet, but it is good to know another one is on […]

WHOLOCK: Sherlock meets The Doctor

Put together by John SmithVFX, this Sherlock/Doctor Who mashup from 2013 is quite nicely done. Looking at the Wholock VFX Breakdown, which is the second video here, it becomes obvious this was primarily a masterful job of masking, compositing, and chroma/light balancing to create the finished product.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer 2016

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a show I have been waiting for, and in a few more weeks it becomes real. Launching on Thursday, January 21st, it takes everything they have been building to in Arrow and Flash and consolidates them into a single program with a multiplex story arch. If it is even half […]

The Magicians Trailer

The Magicians is a new show coming to Syfy on January 25th, and if the show is half as good as the books, it will be on my DVR every week. They have a […]

American Gods coming to TV

Neil Gaiman’s excellent book American Gods is headed for TV, with screenwriter Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies fame heavily involved. The book won the Hugo Award, the Bram Stoker Award, the Locus Award, and the Nebula Award, which is quite a range of recognition for a single novel; I can’t wait to see what they […]