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1984: Patrick Troughton

A year before he became the 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton did a BBC Radio production of George Orwell’s 1984. He wasn’t the first actor to give voice to Winston Smith, because that was David Niven in 1949, within a year of the books original publication. He was the first actor to ever play Robin Hood […]

Tim Curry Tells All: Rocky Horror

This interview with Tim Curry happened just a few days after the original release of the Rocky Horror Picture Show back in 1975, and he did have quite a few interesting things to say about the show. If he did another interview that covered this range of details, I never heard of it. If you […]

Stan Lee Cameo School

Yes, if you have the skills and the chops, you too can join the Stan Lee Cameo School, and learn the correct way to make your impression. I would probably say more, but I am too out of breath from laughing this hard. See how many famous actors you can spot in this piece. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Tom Baker

Wishing a happy 81st birthday today to Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor.

This Week’s Wil Wheaton/John Barrowman adventure

I enjoy the hell out of the The Wil Wheaton Project, and this week I think he has outdone himself. John Barrowman joins Wil to get dressed up in Steampunk style and go party down the town. Lots of Arrow comments and Dr Who references, but what really makes the show special is the level […]

Spock Laughs

Nimoy posted this behind the scenes shot the other day, and since he was nice enough to include an embed function, I figured that meant he wanted folks to share it. It is nice to get a glimpse of the man behind the character while in full makeup and costume on set.


Arthur isn’t Rory

Arthur Darvill played the part of Rory Williams in Doctor Who, but these days he is starring in a musical in London called Once. Because he wants everyone to know this, he went on BBC1 and sang this rather silly song, using Let It Go for the musical inspiration.


One Spock and Two Sirs

This is almost scary to contemplate; Nimoy, Stewart, and McKellem partied at Coney Island together, and took this photo. Gandalph hanging out with Picard and Spock? The mind boggles, and now I have a burning curiosity to know just which rides they went for. Thanks to Katee Sackhoff for the heads up on this one.


Jackie Chan New Drunken Master

Jackie Chan reprises his roll as Drunken Master all over Edo era Edo, Japan (they changed the name to Tokyo a few hundred years ago, thus ending the Edo Period) in a short film for Kirin Beer. He spends the film training his young friends to fight and drinking beer, then watching them fight while […]

Best Add Ever: Spock On Spock action

I don’t really care what they are advertising, although I suspect it is a vehicle of some kind. But this is, hands down, the most amusing commercial I have seen so far this decade. Nemoy and Quinto have a lot of fun with this, and probably got paid fairly well for it in the bargain. […]