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April 2014
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HHGTTG 30th Anniversary Edition Game

Probably the first computer playable game I ever got addicted to was the HHGTTG from Infocom, although 9 Princes In Amber and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were both hot on its heels. Now you can play the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game 30th Anniversary Edition online at BBC Radio for an updated retro gaming [...]

Something to Read: Harry Dresden

One of my favorite fantasy series is Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, where Harry Dresden is the only person listed in the Chicago Yellow Pages under the profession Wizard, and is a special consultant to the Chicago PD. This is an amazingly good blend of gritty noir detective story and combat sorcery, with an entire [...]

Something to Read: Discworld

I know that lots of sites are doing April Fools gags today, but I would rather talk about Terry Pratchett’s wonderful creation Discworld which overall is funnier than most of the pranks going on. In all it comes to about 40 books these days, with hopefully at least a few more waiting to make it [...]

Something to Read: Vorkosigan Saga

Written by award winning author Lois McMaster Bujold, Miles Vorkosigan is one of the best characters in space opera, and the universe she created for him to inhabit is a real treat to visit. The background starts with a planet cut off from the rest of the human inhabited planets due to a disastrous nuclear [...]

Something to Read: Roger Zelazny

In the fall of 1965 I received the latest copy of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in the mail, and found inside it a story by Roger Zelazny, an author I had never heard of before. The story was . . . And Call Me Conrad, renamed to This Immortal when it came [...]

Free EBook: Shattered Dreams

For only another day or so you can pick up Shattered Dreams by Melissa Kay Clarke for free over at Amazon. This is the first book of her Luna’s Children series, introducing the people (who also happen to be werewolves) of the Sapphire Lake Pack. If you like romantic fantasy with your action/adventure you should [...]

Wells meets Welles

Just two years after Orson Welles terrified America by presenting a modified version of H.G. Wells classic War Of The Worlds as if it was a documentary, the two ended up together in a studio in San Antonio, Texas, for an interview session. Since I couldn’t sit in for it, or even knew it had [...]

Something to Read: Shattered Dreams

I want to mention a new book by a new author, Shattered Dreams, book one in the Luna’s Children series, by Melissa Kay Clarke. I admit I sometimes read romantic/action/adventure fantasy (particularly ones with a Steampunk sensibility, or Dragons and other supernatural creatures), and I quite enjoyed this one. In the interest of Full Disclosure [...]

We Lost Iain M. Banks

The BBC reported today that Iain M. Banks lost his battle with cancer this morning. With the M. he wrote his science fiction, most notable of which was his Culture series, an amazing galaxy spanning utopian/anarchistic society which somehow was always at war.

H.P.Lovecraft Images

101 pictures of C’Thulhu? Yep, not the band, but images from the books written by the guy they named themselves after, have been collected up over at The Lovecratfs Man. I have played with the big green guy a bit myself (OK, sometimes he’s red), here is an image and an animation I put together…