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2017 Hugo Award Finalists are out!

The 2017 Hugo Award Finalists have been announced, and as usual I find myself both excited and conflicted. The Conflicted part is because there are so many excellent favorites in some categories that I find myself in the strange position of wishing there could be multiple winners because I know they all deserve the award, […]

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize

A headline I never expected to see when I became aware of this amazing songwriter/poet’s work back in the early 60s, but that I would have cheered on even back then; Bob Dylan has always deserved to win a Nobel Prize! Part of the reason is that he never stood still, but kept creating new […]

2016 Ig Nobel Prizes

Once more, the team from the Annals of Improbable Research handed out another year’s Ig Nobel Prizes last week. From the New Zealand team who got the Economic Prize for their research determining how to market things to rocks, to The Medical Prize winners who discovered that if the left side of your body itches […]

Journey into the Metaverse

This Machinema, titled Journey into the Metaverse, won all the awards when it was released in 2011, and well it should have. It is a truly unique piece of video production, and is worth adding to your permanent collections.

Oscar Week 2015: Animated Features

I love the fact that even the folks putting together the Academy Awards realize that animation is a wonderful way to create and share stories that could never be told any other way. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee created Frozen last year, won a ton of awards, and this year they got to host the […]

Hayao Miyazaki Lifetime Achievement Award

This weekend they held the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Governors Awards, and as part of that they gave the Lifetime Achievement Oscar to Hayao Miyazaki. I have ranted often enough about what an amazing craftsman, director, animator, writer, and on and on he is. I think this time I will let the […]

IPPAwards 2014

The iPhone Photography Awards are exactly what they sound like: the best pictures taken with an iPhone and entered into the contest. The link I gave is to the page that displays the actual winners, but take a look through all the categories, because there are some amazing photographs throughout the collection. I have seen […]

Clarke Awards Short List Announced

The short list of nominees for the 2014 Arthur C. Clarke Award for best novel has been announced, and I am sorry to say I haven’t read any of them; time to go hit a favorite bookstore. The titles that beat the other 115 titles to actually make the final cut are:

God’s War by […]

Goodreads Best Of 2013 voting now open

Goodreads is doing a number of categories, so you can vote for the Best Science Fiction books of 2013, or the best fantasy, ect. They have completed round one, and the winners have moved on to the next round. They have a number of authors and titles I am not familiar with, so I will […]

Hugo Awards, 2013

The Hugo Awards were handed out this weekend at Worldcon as always, which this year was LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, Texas. For the full list of who won and how the presentations went down, be sure to stop by the Hugo Awards site, but I figured I should mention a few on the ones […]