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August 2016
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Japanese Food

Off topic, but I love Japanese cuisine and wanted to share these with you. NHK is a Japanese organization that an American would think of as a cross between PBS and the FCC, and they have a ton of excellent programming in their library. They have been streaming live online for a number of years, [...]

Building Bronze, Lost Wax Style

Want to convert something into Bronze? The Lost-Wax Technique really does date back to the Bronze Age, or as close as makes no difference from my perspective. This great little animation from Renana Aldor & Kobi Vogman was made for the Hadrian Exhibition at the Israel Museum, and it gives you the entire process step [...]

Kirito’s Elucidator

Another classic weapon from Sword Art Online, Kirito’s Elucidator, was recently built in the real world, and this is how.

Asuna’s Rapier

The real world team of blacksmiths and craftsman build another fantasy weapon: Asuna’s Rapier! Anime is a very fertile ground for these kind of objects, and the team here does there best to show you the basics of creating your own.

Liquid Carbonite

A recipe has been posted for Liquid Carbonite on the Star Wars web site which reads just like a normal milk shake. But the picture has convinced me I need to add a Han Solo in Carbonite silicone mold to my kitchen collection, and I am certainly looking forward to the new film hitting the [...]

Daz: Best of September

These are the Top Art Submissions for September 2015 from Daz Studio, and they are all quite well done. For those of you who have not been playing with it, it is an excellent and free 3D modeling and animation program which is integrated pretty closely with Poser. Meaning you can not only share a [...]

Robot Swarm Programing

When it comes to programming a swarm of robots, the question has always been do you program from the top down or the bottom up? According to the Technology Review, you no longer have to decide between programming each robot individually or programming the flock as if it were a single entity. Carlo Pinciroli and [...]

Drones For The Rest Of Us

Have you been planning how to make your movie, but can’t afford all the location crews it will take to get the filming done, let alone at the quality level your vision requires? Then perhaps what you really need is a drone, not a film crew. With this kind of technology at your fingertips, you [...]


Possibly one of the best parody videos I have seen anytime recently, Kung Fu Avengers: Civil War would have become a cult classic if it had been made in China sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. It tends to make you wonder what other gems you might be able to create on your [...]

Controller: a new movie creation paradigm

With the power put into everyone’s hands by the growth of computer capabilities on an almost daily basis, people who want to create their own movies are starting to have a lot of the same tools as the major studios. What this means for folks who have a vision of the film they want to [...]