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October 2014
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Big Hero 6… again

Just in case you wondered how this should all work together… Big Hero 6 from the Anime Con I enjoyed this past weekend!

AnimeUSA con this weekend

The AnimeUSA con this past weekend was a lot of fun, even though the folks organizing it waited until the week before to announce the full schedule. They also abandoned the Guidebook app in favor of something I could not get to work on my iPad or iPod Touch, any of my Android tablets including [...]

Epic Cosplay at Katsucon

I don’t know if I appreciate this more for the amazing cosplay or the quality video production, but this footage put together from this years Katsucon is just fun to watch. Congrats to Beat Down Boogie for an excellent job, and if you like this, check out their channel for a lot more of the [...]

Oktoberfest starts tomorrow

By which headline I mean the Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest, which runs from the 11th to the 13th. This event is a science fiction film festival with workshops and panels, some of which are about making your own films and TV shows. The one that excites me is Starship London, where Sci-Fi London teams up with [...]

The Luggage Family

Yes, the Luggage Family were all there at NADWCon this year in Baltimore. Daddy Luggage was built for me by my good friend Jenn, and she built herself the purse version Mommy Luggage, slightly smaller on the other side. Offler (her Con name obviously, and too bad you can’t see her Crocodile hat properly in [...]

MechaCon is Comming

MechaCon is the largest Anime Con in New Orleans, and runs this year from August 23rd to the 25th. There will be a ton of things going on there, including Cosplay and AMV competitions, with a wide range of guests to see and events to attend. What makes this memorable for me is the Red [...]

Comic Con Is Real!

And going on now; check The Schedule to get a glimpse of what all is going on, check Comic Con‘s very own web site for all the amazing details, and check any one of the hundred’s of sites webcasting from there for all kinds of coverage. Sadly, that no longer includes G4TV, because it no [...]

Discworld in Second Life

A wonderfully creative person in Second Life by the name of Janeel Kharg has actually built a virtual version of Ankh-Morpork, with all kinds of interesting details, hidden ways, goodies and giveaways. Be sure to pick up a free map when you arrive so you can find your way around. To get there, use this [...]

NADWCon Starts Today

Today is the opening ceremony at the NADWCon, or North American Discworld Con, in Baltimore, MD. Obviously Sir Terry Pratchett is the Guest of Honor, but a lot of other folks will be there as well, including another favorite satirical author of mine, Esther M. Friesner. I recommend haunting the media area, in case you [...]

The Luggage Is Eager

It appears the luggage is eager and hungry to be loaded and prepared for the next expedition. Always a good sign when you are gearing up for a vacation in Discworld, or anywhere else where misplacing your luggage could be catastrophic. After all, it is difficult to lose anything which is determined to follow you [...]