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The Books, The Books… Thanks, Jim!

I am addicted to reading. So of course I feel the need to pass on links to great sites to download quality books and stories from. File this under Geek, I guess, and all thanks to Jim Bean and the team of world-class authors he gathered under his wing… The web site at Baen Books […]

PKDick, movie master

Philip K Dick wasn’t any more prolific than most other authors. But by my latest count, more of his stories were turned into movies than any other author, with the possible exception of Robert A Heinlein. And the Why of it matches with Heinlein as well. RAH was looking for the core meaning of what […]

Spacecast: Canadian SciFi

I was still learning my way around TV Channels at this point. Also around streaming media types (although I had the basics of both down since the mid-90s). Always something to learn…

This TV Channel and Web Site may have started out being a poor cousin to the US channel, but it very quickly built […]

Yes, I have always been a Geek; this was my first blog entry that made that obvious, and also my first link into a science site, rather than science fiction. No sense being shy, if I am posting these for the whole world to read. Space Dot Com is one of the best sites online […]

Red Dwarf 1

This was my first Blog entry, back in 2003. I started the site in 1993 as a way to get my bookmarks from any computer with internet access (not all that many, that year), and switched to a blog format a decade later. As Holley says, I may be slow, but I get there in […]