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Sci-Fi Artists (Number One)

Hopefully you have created one or more works of your own art, so you can appreciate this entry. FRANK KELLY FREAS was one of the demi-gods of American art… if you don’t know who he was, now is your chance to learn…

Here is another topic that can go on forever; in fact, just covering […]

The Science of SciFi

Another place where the edges between Science and Science Fiction are blurred beyond belief. We each have to choose our destination, and contribute to the kids having a proper education.

One of my favorite topics of conversation at parties has always been the science of science fiction. By that I don’t mean the wonderful work […]

Space Cadet Favorite Links

Yes, I am a true Space Cadet, and I have the certification to prove it. As if you didn’t already know by now, if you have been following these blog entries. I am not sure if I feel the need to hide this attitude because even SF Geeks are more popular than Science Freaks, but […]

Speaking of Copyrights

IP is at the heart of creative works, such as books, movies, and radio plays. Intellectual Property belongs to those who created it; some of them sign contracts to hand their work over to companies and corporations, but most hold onto it for dear life. After all, it may be their only shot at immortality […]

Project Gutenburg

Still about the authors… if no one is creating the books, who will read them? Linked to the copyright clean works that are so central to the genre.

What is this doing here, you ask? This isn’t quite science fiction… or is it?

Project Gutenberg is the Internets oldest producer of FREE electronic books, […]

Author Sites

There are no stories without the story tellers. The Authors are at the heart of the matter, and whatever I can pass on may be useful to someone that loves that Author…

Most Authors have there own Web Sites, but most search engines give you 2,000 links, with 1,999 of the results being Fan Sites […]