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Still More Mars

More Mars exploration, using more online tools. You gotta love the Net! And the best one yet! This is a site using QTVR to put you on Mars, where the Rover is. Since they have minimum contact again with Spirit (but the Beagle2 is still quiet), there is hope they may patch the software and […]

More Mars!

The Mars project continues to amaze me. Hopefully we will one day pull it off!

Mars continues to take the internet by storm, with a lot of people who are not normally aware there is a top to the atmosphere weighing in. The works out there from the Photoshoppers alone could fill a whole entry, […]

Mars Everywhere

A lot of favorite Martian links here… as a resident Space Case, it is to be expected! It’s that time again. We are once more making a major push to the red planet, and all kinds of information and reactions are available online. No real surprise, considering the combo of the massive space exploration budget […]

Asimov’s “I Robot”; the movie

Some Movie Reviews are just a matter of time and perspective… You never know ahead of time how well a movie is going to do when translated from the book. However close they come with the movie version of this one, they have done a first-class job with the web site. If you write web […]

The Edge Of Science

The Edge of Science is one of my favorite places to hang out. The borderlands always produce an interesting collection of concepts, and I will return here often as time goes on.

Somewhere between Science and SciFi, we come to a blurry boundary. Some of my favorite things live along this border, and what I […]