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Frankenstein, Casual Rex, and Museums

A true-to-the-book version of Frankenstein is coming to The Hallmark Channel on October 5th and 6th. If you get the channel, don’t miss this one!

Also, Anonymous Rex has been made into a movie for the SciFi Channel, airing on 13Nov04. The story is actually from Casual Rex, the prequil to Anonymous Rex, and the […]

Don’t Panic, Mostly Harmless Reminder!

Just a reminder that the new Radio Plays from the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series hits the airwaves (including Webcast mode) starting on Tuesday 21 September at 6.30pm. That’s GMT or Universal Time, be sure to adjust for your timezone. They will repeat on Thursdays if you miss the Tuesday run. This will be […]

X-Prize attempt in a few weeks!

A serious run for the X-Prize money will be made on 29Sep04 by Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne. This will be the first launch for the prize, and the second launch for SS1 after it’s suborbital flight in June. Their 2nd Prize launch is set for October 2nd.

The Ansari X-Prize is $10M, to be awarded to […]

Sky Captain: The REAL Hero

For anyone who is still not sure if they want to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, may I say you are Making a Mistake! If the movie’s home page didn’t convince you it was worth your time and money, let me point you to a wonderful interview with the lunatic behind the […]

Movie Alert! Sky Captain, Sean, Ghost and RE2

There are some great movies hitting the theaters in the next few weeks; at least one of these should catch your attention!

First up is Resident Evil 2, Apocalypse. I am not a horror fan, but from the trailers this looks like it may be more action than thriller. I have been waiting a long […]

Cross Universe: The Alternate History Connection

The other thing Cross-Universe means to me is also known as Paratime, Otherwhen, Alternate History, and the Multiverse. The list from this group would take MANY entries, and is my favorite form of ‘What If’ entertainment. My introduction to it was through H. Beam Piper’s Lord Calvin of Otherwhen , a serious classic I had […]

Cross-Universe Adventures

I have wanted to do an entry on scifi cross-universe pages for a while, but the phrase means two different things to me, and I couldn’t decide which to do first. So the heck with it, here are examples of the first, the next entry will start on the other!

In Fan circles, a cross-universe […]

A Trek Fairwell: Scotty

It is with sadness I pass on this link; another TOS star is in retrograde. After Spock, Scotty was the character I identified with most. Here is the short version, from the BBC .