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Free Reading Online

A few links to let you read new SciFi online for free… To start, there is the Infinite Matrix, which has both free online stories to read, and a lot of great articles for your enjoyment. Then there is Free SF Online, a German group contributing to the cause. And let us not forget Infinity […]

SciFi Images

The Images of Science Fiction are worth checking out, in all their forms. Sometimes it is High Art, like these Giger sites. Sometimes it is only Comics, also known as Manga, like SteamPowered. Sometimes the best images are Animated, and sometimes the animations are Online, this time as a Menu Structure for StarTrek fans.


PhilCon, Chick Corea, and Terry Bisson…

PhilCon 2004 is less than 2 weeks away; if you live on the East Coast of the U.S., this one would be worth a visit! A lot of like-minded SciFi Fans will be there, and some great Author/Artist Guests.

Chick Corea has built a great new album, with a world class group of musicians, based […]

Silicon Creatures Gallery

Nope, this is not about silicon based lifeforms from another planet, but silicon creatures and other doodling scribbled onto integrated circuits by engineers when they were designing computer chip masks. I found The Silicon Zoo both entertaining and educational. And now I finally know what those gremlins who live in my computer look like! LOL…


GalaxyCon II: Be There Now!

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I made it to GalaxyCon II today. This is a Fan-run Con (the best kind), and featured a lot of great guests, including someone from about every Universe Whedon has created. If you are anywhere near Washington,D.C., I urge you to get there Sunday, before it is over! […]

Read Shakespeare Now

Harry Turtledove has done it again! If you love literature; if you enjoy ParaTime stories; If Shakespeare wrote the words that inspired you; if History is you favorite place to hang out; if Language and it’s evolution is what you want more of; if you have ever been concerned with Intellectual Property Rights; if nothing […]