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Dragon’s 9 Sons, Sayonara Jupiter

If you haven’t read Chris Roberson’s The Dragon’s Nine Sons, you can now read the first three chapters online to get you started. I really like the universe he sets this story in; the two superpowers in the space race are the Chinese and Aztec empires, with the split from our timeline coming somewhere around […]

Who Easter Special… or not

IO9 has some nice images and video of the Dr Who Special that may never air.

Books that should be movies

John Scalzi does it again, with a short list of books that should become movies. He has a good little list here, from the classic cyberpunk that spawned Second Life (Neil Stephenson’s Snowcrash) to a wonderfully strange Steampunk fantasy (China MiĆ©ville’s Perdido Street Station), and more. There are also a number of good suggestions in […]

Monster/Alien posters, Blade Runner rumors

Cinema Blend has the set of 6 retro-SciFi posters released for Monsters vs. Aliens, and they look pretty good. Rumors abound for a sequel to Blade Runner, but nothing is actually in the works yet.

John Carter is coming

Finally! John Carter of Mars is coming to a big screen on Earth, according to Quint’s Report over at Ain’t It Cool News. Andrew Stanton, the genius behind Wall-E, is at the helm and shared a panel and some news about the project. And even with the Pixar involvement, this one is going to be […]

10 SciFi devices

New Scientist has a listing of 10 SciFi devices you can buy soon. While not quite in production yet, things like the invisibility cloak and an artificial gill are certainly on my xmas list.

Japan Night Upgrade

The folks doing the Japan Night Tour in the US just announced the addition of a few more bands. The new bands are Dirty Old Men and Special Thanks, added to a list that already included Detroit 7, FLiP, Omodaka, Samurai Attack, and many more. The tour kicks off in Austin, TX, at the South […]

Haruhi Wii game, LITA sings!

I stopped by the KADOKAWA Anime channel, and the focus is on the new Haruhi Wii game released in Japan on Thursday. Based on the video the game play looks a bit simple, but perhaps that is just level one. Word is that the Kadokawa site will be streaming the first episode of season two […]

Gaiman story, trailer online

Neil Gaiman’s story The Day The Saucers Came is online for free reading. It is a wonderful little short story (or perhaps a poem), and the illustrations are perfect for the tale. And here is the first Coraline trailer Neil himself likes…


And the nominees are…

Wall-E got several nominations, including Best Animated, where its main competition is Kung Fu Panda. Hell Boy II only got one category (Makeup), and Iron Man and Wanted only a few each. Dark Knight did noticeably better, but the two runaways are Benjamin Buttons and Slumdog Millionaire. I will be watching this years Acadamy Awards […]