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Kindling Voices

Earlier this week the NY Times published an opinion by Roy Blount Jr., president of the Authors Guild, railing against the Kindle’s Speach To Text feature, saying Amazon never paid for audio rights to the works it sells. Over in the Wall Street Journal, Paul Aiken of the same group claims it is illegal to […]


I enjoyed what Family Guy did with Star Wars, as well as the Robot Chicken Star Wars Special, and now Family Guy is at it again. This time around, they are shooting for TNG: Not All Dogs Go to Heaven, which will air on the 29th of March. The fun part is they pulled in […]

We Lost Farmer

Sad news, as yesterday we lost Philip Jose Farmer, one of the giants of science fiction. He started his career as an author with The Lovers, which treated sexuality in a frank and honest manor, and went on to create some excellent series, including Riverworld and the World of Tiers. He also wrote as a […]

Build your own SciFi: Tardis, Metaverse

Instructables has a good how-to for building a Tardis model from cerial boxes and other found objects. For the less physically inclined, the Second Life metaverse has all the Alliance Sims (like Info Island) setting up a Sci-Fi theme for March. If you want to help create it, contact any Alliance Sims group, like Sci […]

Read Online

SF Signal has posted a huge list of things you can read online for free. It includes stories by Neil Ayres, Ben Bova, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Michael A. Burstein, Greg Egan, and that’s only the first few letters of the alphabet. In another entry they have links to the 3 Novelettes and 4 short stories […]

Watchmen Review, Why Science

Everyone online is pointing to the same place for a sneak-peek of Watchmen, and that is Wil Wheaten’s Review. The conclusion? I must see this movie on opening day! I came across a Blog today I found mighty impressive and worth lots of re-visits; Why Science Is Important! If you have a brain, you will […]

Non-Solar planets

JPL has a searchable database of exoplanets that currently lists the 340 known planets around other stars. None of them is Earth-like, most being gas giants, several orbiting pulsars, and a handful being on the border between planets and stars (the so-called Hot Jupiter model). That may change in the next few weeks with the […]

Hoarding Who, Theater Who, Comic Torchwood!

That is the accusation; the nation of Zimbabwe may be hoarding the entire run of William Hartnell episodes. If so, that would include a bunch of episodes lost since the early sixties, including The Tenth Planet, the first time a Doctor regenerated (Hartnell into Troughton), as well as the first story ever to feature the […]

Comet Lulin this weekend

Peak visibility for Comet Lulin will be on Monday night, but the viewing is good all weekend with the right sky. Sky and Telescope has the details you will need to spot it yourself, and APOD just had a good picture of this green visitor. We are also pointing some other observational resources at it, […]

Torchwood Trailer, Comic

The trailer for the new abbreviated Torchwood season was aired at Comicon the other weekend, and is now all over the net. John Barrowman and his sister have put together a story for Captain Jack… and it’s also a comic book, coming out soon.