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New Trek 11 Trailer

This is the new Trek trailer… enjoy!

Science for Science Fiction

Back in November, the National Academies announced the formation of a new group to promote the use of accurate science in science fiction productions, focusing primarily on Movies and TV. The Science and Entertainment Exchange came out of the starting gate strong, with Watchmen leading the pack. A serious voice for both the acting community […]

Almost Red Dwarf time

April 10th is when Dwarf returns with the Dave TV special; I am ready! And a Video Blogger tip…

SF Tweets

SciFi Wire has released a list of SciFi Folks who Tweet, and a great list it is. I was already following Neil Gaiman, but didn’t know John Scalzi was in there as well. Likewise I was following Wil Wheaton and never knew Robert Llewellyn was tweeting away. There are a lot more on the list […]

TNG Family Guy trailer

Yes, the first trailer has been released for this Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, in which baby Stewie buys plans for a transporter at a Trek convention and kidnaps the entire cast of TNG. Thanks to Giant Freakin Robot for the heads up on this one…


Build your own Flaming Oscilloscope

There aren’t any instructions as such, but the parts are listed and the configuration described for this Flaming Oscilloscope. As simple as the device is you shouldn’t have any problem building your own, and this one is silly fun and educational basic physics in a single home made object.


Broadband Riverworld

Those two are really a single concept, but for different worldviews. Broadband is a way to connect to the world, and Ars Technica has the best example of how the Broadband Recovery Bill will play out in Science Fiction terms. Cisco views it from the how to make it work perspective, and Gartner takes the […]

Read Online, New Stargate

I gave links to the pages that give you this years Hugo Award nominee writings yesterday. Today, I thought I should point out a classic; read Cordwainer Smith at this link. If you don’t know who he is, these stories will introduce you, as will Frederik Pohl’s Introduction to a truly great man, who also […]

Hugo Nominees selected

The Nominees for the 2009 Hugo Awards were announced a few days ago, and they include (as always) an amazing collection of stories. Some of them belong to Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross, and John Scalzi, to name but a few. Big Dumb Object has some comments worth noting. Now I need to read everything on […]

DnD day, 6th Sense Project

It is Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Gameday today, and lots of people are playing. But here is a prototype of a toy I would like to start playing with. It is built with off-the-shelf parts totaling about $350; a camera, a small projector, a cell phone, and some colored plastic or tape for your fingers. […]