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Clarke Award: There Can Be Only One

By the title of this entry, you have probably guessed that MacLeod won the Clarke Award this year, for his book Song of Time. Pretty impressive, since his competition included Paul McAuley, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Stephenson, Sheri S. Tepper and Mark Wernham. The Clarke Award was presented last night at the Sci-Fi London 8 Film […]

SF Online World Building, Singing

Building and singing… the world does both. Here are two excellent examples.

Scalzi, Hayden, and Bucknell took part in a panel, recorded and now online, called A Study in Online Community Building, all about how to create the future of publishing in an online world. I expect you will enjoy this, but I hope you […]

Steampunk: the Spark Museum

Visit the Spark Museum for some Steampunk vintage radio/electronics fun. It includes a picture on one page of a device I actually own, bought for 5 dollars at an estate sale from people who didn’t have a clue what the weird stuff in the back of their grandfather’s attic was. I figured it was a […]

Nebula Awards Presented

This weekend saw the presentation of the 2009 Nebula Awards, and some great writers won. Not hard to do when you consider most of the nominees were great writers, of course. That group included Ursula K. Le Guin, Catherine Asaro, John Kessel, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman for best novel, novella, novelette, and short story, in […]

Trailers and Openings

Eyeborgs opens this week in London, even though it’s a US movie. So does The Clone Returns Home, and Stingray Sam (a space musical western with unique design features). But there are other movies opening soon, including Star Trek 11 and Moon. And besides the Sci_Fi London festival, another party in that town is Anime […]

Sci-Fi London Time!

Yes, it is time once again for Sci-Fi London, that truly amazing film festival held at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus and many nearby locations. This is the eighth year for the festival, and it is bigger and better than ever, starting Wednesday the 29th and running through Monday the 4th. It has become the event […]

Eureka, Ashes, more TV

Eureka returns in July, something we tend to expect these days. But this time it comes in on Friday nights instead of Tuesdays, joining the strong tradition of ScfFi Friday shows like Battlestart Galactica, various Stargate incarnations, Doctor Who, Primeval, and more. It also coincides with their branding switch to SyFy, so all we need […]

Quote of the Year

You could never tell it from visiting this site (Media files like Movies, TV, and Radio making for so much better sound bytes and out-takes), but I read a lot. And I just read a quote that I agree with on both a real-world, professional level as well as a SciFi Fan level. The quote […]

Dante, Transbots, Moon, and Bubba: Movies

In April of last year I commented on Dante 01, a French film that looked pretty interesting. If it made it to the movie theaters it snuck right past me. It is now out on DVD, available from Amazon or Blockbusters. The folks at SciFi Cool posted a trailer and a lot of stills, and […]

Best SciFi TV Theme Winners

At least for this competition, but I have to agree with the majority of results. The poll was put together at Total SciFi, and coming in at number one was the Doctor Who Theme, by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire. By the first note, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what the show is; […]