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Build your own SciFi: 3D

If you want to create your own 3D SciFi images and animations, you will need software suitable for the job, and there are some free resources to help you. DAZ Studio is one of the best, although I recommend scrolling down the page to the stable version rather than grabbing the Beta. If you are […]

Build your own SciFi: 3D

If you like working with 3D animation or scenes, you should stop by the NASA 3D Resources site. They have a number of 3D models there free for public downloading and use, including the Shuttle, the ISS, and the Hubble Space Telescope. Another good resource is SciFi Meshes, where a community of model builders upload […]

Doctor Who, Best T Shirts

I mentioned yesterday that David Tennant will be appearing in several Sarah Jane Chronicles episodes in season 3. What I forgot to mention was they will be airing on BBC America, and that besides the Torchwood episodes coming in July they are bringing the Doctor in-house as well, and will start running the 2009 Who […]

Doctor Who Movie, new Oshii anime

According to this BBC announcement, there is more in store for David Tennant’s run as the Doctor. Besides the remaining specials we already knew about, he is signed up for a major part in two episodes of season three of the Sarah Jane Adventures. The new season of SJA starts in September in the UK […]

Wolfram/Alpha Now Online

The opening version of Wolfram/Alpha is now online and ready for testing. As I mentioned back in March, while the name sounds like the IT department of the evil Lawyers company in Angel, Wolfram Alpha is a computer program that actually answers the question you ask. Or at least that is the goal, and they […]

Bots, Cons, and Audio Books

The Asimov story I linked to yesterday is actually one in a series of Killer Robot postings from a combined Gizmodo/io9 sequence. Airlock Alpha (the former Syfy, before a certain channel bought the name) has quite an insightful article about how not to do Cons I can recommend. And Libravox has unleashed the 12th Short […]

Asimov, Brin, and Sigma

Alasdair Wilkins at io9 has a very nice article about Asimov’s Robots, focusing on how obeying the Three Laws can still end up with killer robots running around loose. David Brin also put together an interesting post yesterday covering a number of different topics, including the SIGMA group, which had another gathering this past week […]

Beam me up, Hottie!

I found this one at Barely Digital, and it cracked me up. If you prefer, here is the direct YouTube link.

US SF TV listings

The folks at SFX have put together a listing of the New Fall Season Roundup of science fiction TV shows. Which I found just a bit strange, as they are all US Broadcast Network TV programs, and SFX is a UK magazine. Nowhere in the list is mention of current or upcoming Brit series, like […]

Terminator Rap

I couldn’t resist; this is too silly to avoid! Just to keep it balanced, the original version is after the updated-for-destruction version, for comparison.