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Hear Online

One of my favorite podcasts (all right, an Audio Magazine now) just came out with its new edition: Starship Sofa No. 90. This one features a primary story by Elizabeth Bear, poetry by Neil Gaiman actually read by Neil, and a lot more. Another favorite, Fancy Fembot, also has a new edition: The Transformers Episode, […]

Comic-Con, Total Eclipse Live

We are 3 weeks away from Comic-Con 2009, the big one in San Diego, and it is already sold out. Which means I will be watching it on TV and watching and listening to the many podcasts and vlogs. As always, they will be doing the Eisner Awards as well as a number of other […]

Astro Podcast

It is the IYA, or International Year of Astronomy, and one of the many things going on for it is a daily podcast called 365 Days of Astronomy. It has been quite entertaining and informative, with today’s entry being Space Travel in Science Fiction. They have been archiving the series, so you can listen to […]

Who and Daybreakers

The Chicago Tribune did an excellent interview with David Tennant about his winding up his tenure as the Doctor. Many insights, no spoilers, and a permissible number of hints and teases, including his response to the 11 Doctors Special rumor. BBC America just sent everyone who signed up for their notifications a reminder that they […]

Straczynski does Lensman

J Michael Straczynski did the best SF TV series ever *, Babylon5. He has now taken on another epic story; he is bringing Lensman to the Big Screen. The brainchild of E.E. “Doc” Smith, Lensman is a huge and complex story, and it couldn’t be in better hands. Besides the many books, part of it […]

We Lost Sky…

Sky Saxon, lead singer of The Seeds (one of the best garage bands of all time), died in Austin today. All the national attention is on a pop singer who also died today, so I had to speak up about the band that Muddy Waters called “America’s own Rolling Stones”. This punk/blues/psychedelic group were blazing […]

Spacey/Silly Music

I tend to assume everyone who drops by this website is also already a frequent visitor to The Deuce Project, one of the best places to hear science fiction related music. Even if you are a frequent visitor, you might have missed their silliest episode yet: Splitting Infinitives While Exploring The infinite. That particular link […]

Oscars 10

It was just announced that this years Oscars will be expanded to 10 entries for the Best Picture top prize. Hopefully that will allow room for more genre films next year. The same source (Airlock Alpha) reports that Blue Is Zod for Smallville.

11 Whos for CIN

From the Gallifreyan Embassy comes word of a rumor posted by a tabloid that claims that all 11 Doctors will appear together in this years Children in Need special. Minor details like the first three Doctors (Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee) no longer being among the living make the production problematic but not insurmountable. After all, […]

Virtuality interview

With the pilot for the new TV show Virtuality set to air Friday, Deadbolt caught an interview with Ron Moore about the project. Whether the show actually becomes a series will depend on the numbers it pulls for Fox TV, so be sure to tune in.