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Launching today, 31Jul09, is a new Astronomy web site called Experience the Planets. It is another project from IYA 2009, the International Year of Astronomy.

Glasshouse for VR

Graphing real-world data in real time in a 3D virtual world… that is what Glasshouse is all about, and it is pretty amazing. It works in environments like Second Life, or as a stand-alone using the Sun Java JRE6 or JDK6. You can read a good interview and watch some video demo’s over at Maxping, […]

Dr Who Guinness Record winner

Doctor Who got into the Guinness book of world record as the most successful sci-fi show ever. I think it is a well deserved the honor, although I heard at least one Feed reporter on G4 with a dissenting opinion.

4th Torchwood season, Shatner does Palin

Word is that Children of Earth did so well, both in the UK and US markets, that a fourth season is a go. Even though a lot of the cast has been killed off (starting with the first episode), I’m looking forward to another season. Over at SF Signal, a round of Shatner performing Palin […]

Final entry: best of

io9 once more, with their Comic-Con Top 10. All very good entries, and I am more ready than ever for V and Stargate Universe, Avatar and Tron, and of course 9, district and otherwise. And they had the new SGU trailer as well.

SDCC Roundups

Comic-Con roundups on SFX, including abloggers segment, and IO9 and many more continue to hammer us with news entry after entry. That’s pretty much to current total of stories at SciFi Wire as well. I really need to grab tickets for next year.

Save Ianto campaign, Prisoner preview

According to this report from the BBC, fans have started a campaign to save Ianto Jones. Part of the Torchwood team, they killed him off last night in episode 4 of Children of Earth, or a few weeks ago if you live in the UK. Here in the US, The Prisoner won’t air until November, […]

Sci-Friday interviews Jones

Duncan Jones will be interviewed on Sci-Friday on NPR tomorrow, talking about his movie Moon. They will also be looking into an inexpensive microscope made out of a cell phone and some inexpensive parts; if you want to build your own, you can find details here.

Listening Live: DNA, Comic-Con money

No, it’s not the name of a band; you can actually listen to the human genome, streamed as live audio, over at DNA Radio. They are currently broadcasting Chromosome 1, and at their present rate of data rendering they figure they will have played it all in 23 years or so. Comic-Con, started as a […]

More Lunacy, new podcast

TOR has put together a celebration of the Lunar landing which includes a lot of top-quality SF/F authors putting forward their own input on the topic. It is a little hard to find all the bits, but that’s all right; the team at SF Signal have compiled the links in one handy location for us! […]