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Shatner/Nemoy Givaway

You have until Sunday or September 4th (or possibly both, if you own a working Tardis) to enter the SF Signal Shatner/Nemoy giveaway. They are handing out 2 digital copies of Mind Meld – Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime, the 2001 presentation in which Shatner and Nimoy talk about the series, and how […]

John Carter audio, Bogaty video

They are up to chapter 10 in the podcast reading of book one in the Edgar Rice Burroughs series John Carter of Mars, titled A Princess of Mars. If you don’t already know the story line, this will get you up to speed in time for the movie release.

This is the unedited reading […]

Cranking up True Blood, J-Rock

The second season of True Blood, and the show has gotten downright intense! There are only two episodes left, and I don’t know how they can crank it up any harder. If you have missed it, no problem; the entire season is available through Video On Demand or download-able from ITunes. If you are a […]

Batman Murder, SF Language, More Nerdcore

A millionaire murdered at a New York convention turns out to have delusions of being Batman, right down to owning a fully working Batmobile and 4 warehouses full of other Batman devices and memorabilia. His wife (who set him up to be robbed of a million dollars in 2002) and his stepdaughter are fighting over […]

Glau joins Dollhouse, Wood joins True Blood

The announcement was made today: Summer Glau is going to join the cast of Dollhouse as a recurring character! On top of yesterdays news that Even Rachel Wood is joining the cast of True Blood, the upcoming TV season is looking better and better.

Wolfman in February, and Jazz

Once more they are making Wolfman into a movie (not to be confused with Werewolf Women of the SS). This time around the director is Joe Johnston (another project of his is The First Avenger: Captain America, due out in 2011), and Benicio Del Toro gets to grow fang-first into the fur. Since the trailer […]

Blood release, Tales of Television, D9 Soundtrack

Word from SciFi Scoop is that the live-action movie Blood, The Last Vampire will be out on DVD in the US on October 20th. Considering how few theaters had the movie, this is great news for all the Anime fans who missed seeing it on the big screen. On the small screen (although nowhere near […]

Best Of lists, My Little Ponies

Geek Tyrant (or perhaps Geekty Rant) has posted a list of 5 Films that changed the way people look at Sci-Fi Movies. Starting with Metropolis, lobby posters and film clips are included. Over at Bookstove there is another list of the top 10 Science Fiction authors of all time. As with all such lists, both […]

Summer of SciFi, New Networks

Paste Magazine has a very insightful article about the four movies that saved SciFi this summer; District 9, Moon, Cold Souls, and , of course, Star Trek. In the real world (a place I sometimes visit), a few new twists in the development of the Web are mentioned by MIT’s Technology Review. First, using White […]

Syfy Fox News merger, SF Songs

Or so the story at the Huffington Post would have you believe. The front part of the story gave me a grin, but the link to the rest of it doesn’t actually give you the rest of the story. And a new entry has been posted to the Sci-Fi Songs Podcast collection you should check […]