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Steampunk Audio

I enjoy all Variations of Steampunk, from Clockpunk to Gaslamp Fantasy, and what could be more steampunk than H.G. Wells War of the Worlds as performed by Trek stars? You can hear it stream online for another few days yet only, so don’t wait to listen. I also thought a song might be fun to […]

Girl Number 9 starts Tonight

Gareth David-Lloyd was excellent as Ianto Jones in Torchwood and Doctor Who, and I am looking forward to seeing him as Watson in next year’s Sherlock Holmes. But he has another project that launches at 9PM GMT today called Girl Number 9. Gareth isn’t the only Torchwood alumni associated with the project, since it was […]

New ReBoot, Avatar trailers

Back in June of 2008 word went out that a ReBoot trilogy was coming to the big screen. It’s a year and a half later, the project has its own IMDB page, and the first teaser trailer is now online. A new longer Avatar trailer is also available this week; enjoy!


Things to Do: Cons and Movies

A major Con this weekend; the World Fantasy Convention celebrates Edgar Alan Poe’s 200th birthday, and runs from the 29th of October to November 1st. Held on Halloween weekend in San Jose, California, it will as always include the World Fantasy Awards, nominees this year including Kage Baker, Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle, Ellen Datlow, […]

Things to Do: Film Fests

The AFI Fest runs from October 30th to November 7th, and kicks off with the world premier of the animated The Fantastic Mister Fox, followed up on the second night with Halloween Horror Films. Just because that wasn’t enough, this year the AFI Fest is Free, at least mostly.

If you thought the UK Festivals […]

Animals with Lightsabers, Dollhouse Review, Klingons

This one is just what it says: Animals with Lightsabers. Io9 has an excellent review of last Friday’s Dollhouse, which is a pivotal point in this seasons story arc. Kind of sad that they had one of their lowest viewer numbers just as the story gets dark and twisted. And how about a little Klingon […]

Things to Watch

Movies released to DVD this week include Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going, the 1995 fantasy about love and reincarnation. Also now out on DVD is Stan Helsing, just 5 days after it hits the movie theaters.

A lot of TV programs are coming out this week, of which the most interesting […]

Blomkamp’s new movie, Best Dream Sequences

Media Rights Capitol has agreed to supply the money for Neil Blomkamp’s new Sci-Fi film according to Ain’t It Cool News. Just as he did with District 9 he will be running a low-budget operation, making up for it by inventing the FX as he writes the script, and we saw how amazingly that worked […]

Lilith and the Science Symphony

There is a reason I follow science fiction authors on Twitter. One example is Lilith Saintcrow, or @lilithsaintcrow in Twit Speak. In a single screens worth of entries she referenced the Symphony of Science, which is echoed in Sagans Latest Music, an ethical discourse on the difference between Kindness, Morals, and Justice, a serious Netiquette […]

Black Lightning, Water of Mars

I loved Daywatch and Nightwatch and am waiting for the third in the trilogy to be released. I also enjoyed Wanted, and the man who directed all three of them, Timur Bekmambetov, is at it again. This time the Russian movie he is creating is called Chernaya Molniya, in English Black Lightning, kind of Batman […]