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Things to Do: Movies

This weeks top choice for Horror/Spoof goes to Transylmania, college kids doing a semester in Romania with the wrong kind of night “life”. This comedy will probably only be in theaters for a short time, but it is also the only new genre live action I could see being released this week.

December looks to […]

Things to Watch: DVDs

We have two top domestic live action choices this week! The first is Terminator Salvation, and Warner Bros. is holding a online event on December 5th with the director. If you are interested in the history of this kind of event, read all the way to the bottom of this posting to see my latest […]

Silly Saturday, Interesting Animation

You can’t get much sillier than Gadgets you’ll need to Survive a Zombie Attack; thanks, Crave!

When I see a link from William Gibson on Twitter, I make a point of following it. He has found some of the most interesting things, most of which I was unaware of. This video is a case in […]

Build Your Own Sci-Fi: Films

One of my favorite film festivals is Sci-Fi London, which will be coming around again from April 28th to May 3rd, 2010. If you build your own Science Fiction or Fantasy, be it live action or animated, they would like to see your film and consider including it in their festival. Submissions are now open […]

Things to be thankful for: Forbidden Planet and Avatar

If you are in the US, happy Turkey Day to you! I thought this would be a good point to mention a few of the things that brought a smile to my face today (OK, technically yesterday, but also earlier today from my personal worldview).

The first one is that J. Michael Straczynski, the […]

Things To Do: Cons

Lots of people look forward to holiday weekends because of the extra time you get, and fans are no different than anyone else in that respect. Give a fan an extra day or two, and they will look for a way to celebrate; one of the better celebrations is a good Con, and there are […]

Things To Do: Robots, Film Fests

I know I have been posting about Film Fests on Tuesdays, but starting tomorrow and running through Saturday is the International Robot Exhibition 2009, and I couldn’t let that pass without a mention. It is being held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Japan, and it is interesting to note that the Service Robot […]

Things to Do: Movies

There are a few interesting movies coming to theaters this week, including one that was delayed some months while they reworked it: The Road. Another post-apocalyptic world is explored, but recent reviews are very mixed; a number of folks think it was better (truer to the book) in its original version. This one is on […]

Things to Watch: DVDs

The most important release this week (in my opinion) is Life on Mars Season 2, the UK edition. This one wraps up Sam Tyler’s journey into the past.

Another one to be aware of is Recon 2023, which actually came out on DVD in the US back in August. What makes this one unique is […]

Silly Saturday

This feels like a silly Saturday, so I figured a silly post to go with it. Today’s Silly Topic: The Theremin! This first Theremin was the property of the Hollywood Thereminist, Dr. Samuel Hoffman, and was the very instrument he played in a ton of Hollywood movies in the ’40s and ’50s, including The Day […]