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Congrats, AFC; The Known Universe

I am gearing up for the New Year celebration tonight, so to keep it easy I thought I would pass along a couple of gems from AMNH, the American Museum of Natural History. But first, I need to send my congratulations to Action Flick Chick for winning this years Women of the Web competition.


Helping Spider and Jeanne

Mur Lafferty has a blog posting today about a special fund raiser to help Spider and Jeanne Robinson; she has cancer, and 100% of the money collected for this ebooks sales will go directly to the medical expenses. You only have until tomorrow to contribute, so please respond quickly.

Things To Do: Cons

In Austin, TX, this weekend brings IkkiCon, three days of Anime and Japanese culture. The musical guests include The Browncoats, kind of hard-rock filk. My vote for favorite event name: Steampunkapalooza!

Also this weekend, MagFest takes place in Alexandria, VA, a game and music con. This year they have 12 bands preforming, four per day.


LLewTube, Amanda

No new film fests again this week, but if you haven’t seen it yet, let me point you to Bobby Llewellyn’s LlewTube web site. This site is where he keeps his Car Pool programs, a unique format in which he drives around with his guest and interviews them. He isn’t wearing the Kryten head gear, […]

Things to Do: Movies

No new SciFi movies this week (that I can find, at least), but the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus goes wide next week, opening beyond NY and LA to how up just about everywhere. In the meantime, Sherlock Holmes is worth seeing more than once…

Things to Watch: DVDs

These came along just a hair too late to take advantage of the holiday gift giving season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some wonderful selections available.

From the world of Live Action, A Princess of Mars goes into public release. This is a Hi-Jack Movie example, starring Tracie Lords, not to be confused […]

Dark Star; Obannon

We lost Dan Obannon last week, screenwriter for Alien and Total Recall, but before those he wrote a little gem in film school called Dark Star…


Happy Holidaze!

This being Xmas Day, I hope you and yours are somewhere warm and protected (or cool and protected if you are in the southern hemisphere), and enjoying today with close friends and family. You deserve every bit of quality time the Universe can offer; So Say We All!


Gifts of The Season

Out of all the online Advent Calendars this holiday season, two of them have been outstanding. I didn’t know what an Advent Calendar was when I stumbled onto the first site, and by then I had missed the first ten days or so of the offerings. Rest assured that next year I will be searching […]

Things to Do: Cons

Coming up on the 27th, the Indianapolis Comic Book Show takes place. It happens a few times a year (usually about 3), lasts one day, and includes minimal guests; this event is strictly for the collector. Too bad the timing this year means they will miss their audience.