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Things to Watch: DVDs

Two films mark this week as a major release date for the young and young at heart. Ponyo was supposed to have been on the shelves before Christmas, and then again in January, but each time they pushed the date back. Unfortunately I can’t read the official Studio Ghibli site, nor do I know which […]

Robot Rockers

There is a point at which you have to acknowledge that the machines have a better sense of rhythm than you do… or perhaps just acknowledge our Salty Robot Overlords. The first band is more a Steampunk-inspired group than actual robots, of course…


New Who, More Science

New Doctor Who is on the way, beginning on April 17th per Airlock Alpha… and yes, according to a lot of other sites as well, including BBCAmerica itself. But Airlock Alpha is a great old site (was Syfy since the ’90s until they sold the name to a well-known cable channel) that deserves all the […]

Fun Videos from new directions

Just a few fun videos, based on modifying observable reality in non-standard ways. The key for both of these is only partly to use the latest evolution in communications and data processing to achieve the desired result. Having the latest tech is good, but what is critical is using that tech in ways never before […]

Things to Do: Cons

The most important Doctor Who Con of the season has to be Gallifrey One: Blackjack 21 in Los Angeles. Guests include […]

Turning Japanese

This one was too much fun, so I had to include it here. The Embed-permitted version is courtesy of Veoh: this is Kirsten Dunst doing a remake of the classic Vapors song Turning Japanese. This one was even filmed in Akihabara! Strangely enough, this video was put together as part of a museum exhibit in […]

Something to Do: Movies

The superhero black comedy Defendor (spelling is not one of his super powers) hits the big screen this weekend. If he did this right, it has the potential to be Woody Harrelson’s best roll of the year. It came out last week in Canada, and the reviews were very good. It is in limited release […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

In live action domestic movies, The Box comes out Tuesday. I missed that one at the theaters, but I think I’m going to rent it to watch before I decide if it needs to be part of the permanent collection. The one I will be bringing home for sure is Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s […]

The Doctor Is Coming!

The Doctor Is Coming!

Tom Baker was my doctor, right up until David Tennant came along. Of all the actors that played the part, these were the two who spoke to me, who became the Ideal Doctor. I don’t know how the new one will do, but I will be watching. This is […]

Something to Do: Museums

This time around I would like to invite anyone who can get there to visit the new exhibit at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Actually, this museum has a lot of great exhibits and is really worth some time, but I am thinking specifically of the Science of Aliens presentation. Strangely enough, I […]