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Something to Do: Cons

In Houston, Texas, Anime Matsuri takes place this weekend, taking over the convention center. This event is huge, and if your browser can handle it be sure to log into the Flash version of the site; one of the best Con web sites I have ever seen. In Seattle, Washington Sakura Con is another monster […]

Vote for Awards

If you haven’t put your votes in yet, you only have a bit over a day to put in for your favorites for the Locus Awards. If you are not familiar, Locus Magazine is the closest thing the science fiction publishing community has to a professional trade magazine. Voting closes April 1st. Just opened up […]

Something to Do: Movies

I have been waiting quite a while for this one; the 800 pound gorilla in the movie theaters this weekend will be Clash of the Titans. A remake of the original 1981 Ray Harryhausen classic, the changes in technology between then and now promises good things for the movie going experience. I do have to […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

The main entry for this weeks list has to be Sherlock Holmes; with Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, Jude Law as Watson, and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, this was the Steampunk treat of the holiday season. If you happen to pick up your copy on Blu-Ray and have a BD-Ready player online and a […]

Confessions of Fumiko

If you are a fan of animation, one program you should try to catch every week is Digista, or in English the Digital Stadium. Each week they have a guest who is a professional in the digital arts field, usually but not always animation. That guest, referred to as the Curator, nominates four works by […]

Voice and Video

One of the talents it takes to produce animation is Voice Actors; I know a number of them (and used to be one), and they have a unique skill set. Crunchyroll has a nice presentation on the topic called Adventures in Voice Acting, staring a huge assortment of the best in the business. Now that […]

Back from the Past

I finally got my hands on an actual working, modern computer to replace the one that barbecued in the power surges during Snomageddon. Hopefully that means I will get back up to speed on this blog soon!

Something to Do: Cons

Before the Cons, a salute to Ada Lovelace and to this, her day. This was a woman who wrote software in the first half of the 1800’s for Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine, and wrote the world first algorithm, thereby becoming the worlds first computer programmer.

The World Horror Convention takes place from the 25th […]

100 Sci-Fi

The person over at The Forensic Scientist Blog has collected up a list of 100 Fun Twitter Feeds for Serious SciFi Geeks. It is a great list, including actors, authors, and organizations both professional and fannish. Minutes after finding that one, I stumbled over 100 sci-fi and horror posters; so it seemed like the day […]

Things to Do: Movies

There are two new genre selections to choose from this weekend. The first is Hot Tub Time Machine, which looks to be silly fun requiring no mental straining at all. The main sense of Deja Vu generated in this one just might be that we have seen these jokes before. If you are more in […]