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Silly Music

What could be more silly than a Ukulele Orchestra doing rock? Perhaps a Kazoo Band, but not much else to my mind. So here are a few silly Ukulele songs to hold us until I can gather together a few of the other tunes.


Something to Do: Movies

The interesting film hitting the big screen on Friday is The Warriors Way, the story of a ninja assassin who refuses to murder a child. He had to flee the country with the kid, and ended up in a wild west town filled with misfits, renegades, and outlaws. But before long, his past catches up […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

There are actually a few good movies being released on DVD this week. In the just for fun category we have the Sorcerers Apprentice from Disney, starring Nicolas Cage. While I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this to win any awards, it has a blend of humor and adventure that makes it worth your […]

Build Your Own: AMV, FMV

Dragoncon is one of the biggest media parties every year, based solidly in Fandom from its origins to its current incarnation, and encompassing one of the largest collections of creative folks from the US. One aspect of that creativity is expressed within the AMV or FMV competition, an event many cons have taken up. In […]

Steampunk TV Show

This one comes as Webisodes, which is rapidly becoming the norm as the various flavors of multimedia converge. And some of the folks involved have had a hand in blurring the lines between the various media delivery types for previous shows, like the narrator Amanda Tapping who launched the first episode of Sanctuary online, with […]

Things to be thankful for

Common sense and the body of evidence; deductive logic and the scientific method; the Symphony of Science says it well.

Holiday Specials

Word is out the Doctor Who Christmas Special will air in the US this year on the same day it does in the UK; December 25th! Usually it lags over here by several months, but last year they did announce that Torchwood would air here 5 hours after it aired in London. As it turned […]

Source Code trailer

Duncan Jones did a brilliant movie called Moon, and if this trailer is any indication he is about to do it again with his new film Source Code. Scheduled to be released on April 15th, this is a story about a time traveling soldier who is out to stop terrorists and hopefully save the girl. […]

Something to Do: Movies

Disney’s Tangled looks like the fun movie for this weekend, staring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. In fact you don’t have to wait for the weekend if you don’t want to, since it comes out Wednesday.

Something to Watch: DVDs

No actual winners on the movie front this week, although it could be argued that The Expendables counts since it was based on a comic book. Personally I prefer an actual sci-fi or fantasy story to count something as genre. There are a few that meet that requirement, like Deadland, a post-apocalyptic thriller about a […]