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Happy New Year

I hope everyone’s previous year ended well, and you are now ready for the new one! For myself, I just spent a little while trying to figure out a new animation program in my collection, and used it to create this primitive but well meant Seasons Greetings video just for you. And since I made […]

Nintendo 3DS full support rollout

When Nintendo rolls out a new product, usually it has a smattering of in-house titles for it, with half of them playable, and half vaporware, depending on third party products to take up the slack. Not so this time, acording to Japanator; there will be 32 in-house games on display for the Nintendo 3DS, their […]

Where’s Your Tardis Contest

Those of you who watched the BBC America presentation on Christmas Day of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol probably noticed an add for Where’s The Tardis. If you didn’t follow up on it, you should have, because it is a contest with prizes that include a private Doctor Who screening event in September and over […]

Singularity Music: Part 4

The Alice Files is the first performance I know of that combines smart phone apps with musical instruments and video processing and display in real time for stage presence, all from only hand held devices. For the example included here, Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland was the narrative starting point, and I managed to locate […]

Something to Do: Movies and TV

A project with a reasonable budget hits the broadcast TV screens on January 9th: The Cape. This one looks like it will be a lot of fun, as you can probably tell by looking at the trailer. And it has Summer Glau in it, always a draw for me, and I think this time she […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

In the movie selection section we have Resident Evil: Afterlife; the theatrical version was in 3D, but very few DVDs have been released in that format so far (my local Best Buy just set up a display with 16 titles last week for the first time ever, even though they have been selling the TVs […]

Holiday Wishes

This one speaks for itself…

A Christmas Carol and Blackadder’s App; Season’s Greetings!

I hope the holidays find you happy and with loved ones. I wanted to remind everyone that Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol will actually air in the US on Christmas day, mere hours after it airs in the UK. BBC America made that promise about Torchwood for the last miniseries, but failed to follow through […]

Dance Trooper in Shibuya; Dance Vader in Shinjuku

This really doesn’t need an explanation, but for the terminally confused the Tokyo Storm Trooper is none other than world famous Otaku Danny Choo. If you want to know what is new and exciting in the way of Japanese Science Fiction, Anime, Manga, Music, and all aspects of Pop Culture, you need to watch his […]

Jack’s Back, Arnie Screams

Jack Sparrow is back, this time around doing a Disney-flavored version of Tim Power’s On Stranger Tides, all about the fountain of youth and Black Jack the Pirate. If you haven’t previously read the book, you still have time before the film comes out; or you could always listen to the audiobook.

The folks over […]