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Something to Do: Movies

There are a couple of interesting choices this weekend, starting with The Adjustment Bureau, written by Philip K. Dick and starring Matt Damon with Emily Blunt. There is a way your life is supposed to go, and if you step outside that path the near supernatural members of the Adjustment Bureau will step in and […]

Somthing to Watch: DVD’s

What If… stars Kevin Sorbo as the man who gets a glimpse of what his life would have become had he made different choices. Yes, we have seen this before in many different movies, but I think the actors this time around bring a unique perspective. Surviving the experience with these kind of glucose levels […]

Space Oddity variations

David Bowie’s Space oddity is one of the truly definitive Sci-Fi songs, bordering as it does both inner (mental aberrations and chemical dependencies) and outer (rocket ships and planetary exploration) space. So it should be no surprise that even though Bowie wrote and performed this masterpiece originally, many other artists from many other countries have […]

Live Doctor Horrible

I mentioned recently that a live stage version of Doctor Horrible was going live in Las Vegas. That is not the only local it will be showing up in, of course, although it will probably have a much longer run there than in most places. I just heard that it will be presented in Washington […]

New Sucker Punch Trailer

Yes, the time is getting closer, and another Sucker Punch trailer has been released. The movie is scheduled to hit the big screen on March 25th, and I can’t wait.

Nebula Nominees Announced

The SFWA has announced this years Nebula Award Nominees, and a bunch of them are online now for your reading pleasure. The Awards themselves will be handed out at the Nebula Weekend event taking place from the 19th to the 22nd of May at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

One of the other […]

Black Widow Gone Wild

This animation from Patrick Boivin is amazing, and is only one of many he has created. He started out as a graphics novelist, but decided it was faster to get his ideas across with moving images. Before long he had turned into a film maker, and the word is a better place because of it. […]

Something to Do: Movies

The primary choice this weekend is Drive Angry, where Nick Cage escapes from Hell to protect his granddaughter after his daughter is killed. The alternate choice is Shelter, in which a forensic psychologist (Julianne Moore) discovers all of the multiple personalities in one of her patients were murder victims. They both border somewhere between thriller, […]

Somthing to Watch: DVD’s

Even though it is actually the Millennium Trilogy, apparently in this country it is being released as Stieg Larsson’s Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, and while not science fiction the world-class genius hacker girl at the core of this story gives it all the geek cred I will ever require of any movie series. Accept no substitutes, […]

Davison opens the Con

The opening ceremonies of Gallifrey 22, which is going on this weekend, were caught on Video and posted online. Peter Davison does a wonderful job with this, and they even manage a nod to The Doctor Who Experience in the process.