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Big Screen Anime on Saturday

This Saturday, April 2nd, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. will be doing the Ninth Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon. As usual Otakorp (the folks who bring you Otakon each year) are co-sponsors for the event, and the D.C. Anime Club will be helping to host it, also as usual. This year’s presentation […]

Dr Who Season 6 Full Trailer

The first full length season 6 Doctor Who trailer went online very shortly ago (it had 302 views when I got to the web page, so its fresh!). It looks like its going to be another exciting season, and thanks to io9 for the heads up on this one.


Attack the Block, Falling Skies trailers

Attack The Block is a UK movie in which a bunch of inner city kids fight back against an outer space alien invasion, with a little help from Nick Frost. This one looks to be good silly fun, but I haven’t seen a US release date for it yet. Much more serious is Falling Skies […]

Something to Do: Movies

Pick of the week would have to be Source Code, about a soldier who is part of an anti-terrorist task force, and who keeps getting shoved back through time so he can gather intelligence about who planted the bomb, so they can be arrested. But that is not good enough for him; he knows that […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

The best two releases this week are animated. Disney’s Tangled was an absolute hoot on the big screen, and will be just as funny and fun filled on smaller screens, I feel certain. If you haven’t seen it, now is your chance. Be warned that in this movie the horse pretty much steals every scene […]

SFX Blog Awards: Vote Now!

It is time for the SFX 2011 Blog Awards, where the world class Sci-Fi magazine staff have narrowed each category down to four or so nominations. They have six categories, but they have still left us some impossible decisions. Under Best Podcast, as an example, they have both Escape Pod and Doctor Who Podshock, both […]

Something to Watch: Online

The streaming schedules for various Anime programs from Japan have been broken up by the disaster continuing to happen there, in no small part because all the TV channels have been doing emergency response information and disaster news coverage. Since all the contractual agreements with places like Crunchyroll stipulate that the programs air in Japan […]

New Torchwood Date, Red Nose video

Starz has announced that the air date for Torchwood: Miracle Day will be July 8th, 2011. On that day we will get to see the premiere episode of season 4, which will get a 10 episode run. That run will bracketed by season 6 of Doctor Who on BBC America, which starts the first half […]

Build Your Own: TV Show Animation Software

This is a definite Build Your Own kind of project. The folks over at the NHK have launched a new set of tools, all to make children’s ability to create their own animations easy and educational. Being their countries equivalent of Public Broadcasting, all of the software is free, and they also throw in a […]

New Kung Fu Panda 2 trailer

The new trailer for Dreamworks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2 gives us the basic plot line as well as making it obvious the quality of the animation is every bit as good as we have come to expect from that production house. The target date for this one is May 26th.