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DragonCon AMV Round 3

Tomorrow kicks off Dragon Con’s Fandom Music Video Awards round number 3. You have from May 1st to July 31st to build and upload your entries, where they can then be viewed and voted on. Bring your best game, though, because a lot of the stuff entered in rounds one and two is pretty impressive, […]

Immortals Trailer

The trailer for Immortals gives a taste of what this ancient Greek fantasy adventure will be like, of a time when Micky Rourke was out to kill all humanity and the gods.


Elisabeth Sladen tribute

For those who missed seeing this tribute video when it aired during the season 6 Doctor Who premiere this past Saturday. This loving tribute to Lis is the official BBC presentation.

And the Nominees Are…

A few groups have posted their award nominees this week. Obviously the one everyone is paying attention to is the Hugo Awards, and you can find the complete list of the nominees at the Renovation SF site. As always, the choices are between some amazing works, but my favorite bits are the ones I don’t […]

TRON: Destiny

No one is admitting anything as of this writing, but it looks like a wonderfully done Fan made trailer for TRON 3. While I wouldn’t mind not having to wait 30 years for the next release in the franchise, I suspect this isn’t it. It would be nice, though.

Update: The video has been removed, […]

Something to Do: Movies

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is based on the popular Italian comic book series and stars Brandon Routh, who seems to be specializing in these kind of things (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim). Dylan is a supernatural detective fighting monsters in the swamps of Louisiana, and yes, they switched the local from London to New Orleans […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

It is a sad week when the optimal DVD live action movie release is a choice between Mongolian Death Worm or Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula (although the latter did win a bunch of Film Festival awards). I think I’ll pass this week, but there are some Anime goodies.

Usually I avoid reality shows like […]

Happy Easter Weekend

My WeeMe in a Bunny suit

Solar Dynamics Observatory Anniversary

The Solar Dynamics Observatory hit one year on mission yesterday, in honor of which NASA has released a video of some of the more visually interesting observations it has made. Hard to believe something this spectacular was made with no special effects. Also, Wired has posted their Best Sun Images collection from the first year […]

NOT the Thor trailer

But silly fun, and it is from Marvel…