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Build Your Own web video series

You can make your own online videos, to share whatever drives your enthusiasm with the world, and lots of you have done so. If you want to build your own, I recommend you check out the two videos on the page. They will give you a few good rules of thumb and tell you about […]

new Captain America trailer

What more needs to be said, except that Captain America: The First Avenger will be out on July 22nd.

Streaming Miku

I am not actually in favor of this as a trend, but it was interesting enough I figured I should mention it. When they do the Mikunopolis concert starring my favorite Virtual Idol being held this weekend at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the folks at NicoNico Douga will stream it live. Why am I, […]

Something to Do: Movies

Originally scheduled for release Friday, now on Wednesday, Transformers: the Dark of the Moon hits the big screen. I am expecting the same non-stop thrill ride Michael Bay provided us in the first two movies, and while Megan Fox won’t be in this one, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks like she can fill that gap rather nicely. […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

There are an assortment of movies coming out this week on DVD, and all seem to be action fantasy films. Starting with the visually stunning The Warrior’s Way, which is a definite east meets west entertainment. We haven’t seen martial arts in the wild west like this in quite a while, this time starring Korean […]

Tsunami footage

If you ever wondered what it was like going through a Tsunami, this footage from Japan should spell it out for you. This is brutal to watch when you consider how many of the people you see in this film did not survive, including the driver of the car doing the recording. The sad part […]

New Solaris translation

According to the official Stanislaw Lem web site, there is a new, better translation into English of his masterpiece Solaris. The original Polish version of the book was translated into French by one team, and the French version was later translated into English. With the double translation came lots of errors, and Lem spoke out […]

Maria Holic, Hell Girl streaming

Hell Girl has been streaming for a while, but now Anime Network has added Maria Holic to the online streaming collection. The Anime Network YouTube site starts out with a very nice Angel Beats trailer, which should be online sometime soon (actually already online if you get your feed from the Anime Network paid service). […]

Personal Dalek

It looks like the official props crew of the BBC, and the BBC itself, have now licensed for sale Official Daleks. They are full sized replicas built from the same moulds and specifications used to create the ones you see on TV, and if they seem a bit pricey at £3,000 (just under $5,000), remember […]

Never say no to Panda!

Sometimes silly commercials are actually fun. While these may not be sci-fi, they are silly, and that counts for a lot with me. Plus, commercials invoke a discipline most audio/video creators never have to work within: tell your entire story and get your message across in 15 seconds to 3 minutes. If that sounds easy, […]