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New Immortals trailer

They have released a new trailer for Immortals, which will be in theaters on 11/11/11.

Ishida Hiroyasu graduation project

Ishida Hiroyasu is a brilliant young animator from Japan, and in March of 2010 I posted his Fumiko’s Confession; that video source is gone now, so I am re-posting it as the second video entry today. This year he turned in his graduation piece, called Rain Town, and posted it to YouTube just a week […]

Player Live Gaming Festival

Starting today and running until October 2nd, the Science Museum in London is running the Player Live Gaming Festival. This event is broken into a couple of pieces, with the first part on September 28th being an adults-only presentation. It includes a smartphone driven scavenger hunt, a “silent disco” in the computing and math area […]

Square Enix Music Event

There is going to be a live streamed Square Enix Music Event on 29 September at 22:00 Tokyo time. Mind you, that is 4AM PST or 7AM EST, so the choices are stay up late, get up early, or set a recording for the SQ Party LEVEL 1 concert. There are no actual live musicians, […]

Something to Do: Movies

There are two interesting films hitting the theaters this week. If you are in an Action kind of mood, the one you want is Bunraku, starring Ron Perlman, Woody Harlson, Demi Moore, and Gatk (I believe this is his first time in an American movie). Kind of American movie anyways; the title and the plot […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

This week we get Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a real roller-coaster of an action adventure movie. If you want some comedy with your action, I can recommend The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman, an unusual martial arts movie from China, where you follow the blade from owner to owner, getting a different story […]

Nasa Apps

The NASA Visualization Explorer is a free app that allows you to explore a lot of the science NASA is doing on space-based Earth research. Topics covered include climate change, wildfires, glaciers, hurricanes, volcanoes and more. If it can be observed from an orbital platform, they will cover it sooner or later. This is a […]

The Caves of Steel Movie

According to the folks at Deadline, it looks like Fox has picked up the option to turn Issac Asimov’s The Caves of Steel into a movie. Considering what they did with the Will Smith version of Asimov’s I, Robot I don’t expect this one will be very close to the book either. Still, I will […]

New Rapparu Anime segment

Rapparu is an 18 year old animator from Tokyo who appears to have more raw talent than most teens and some adults. The first piece is called Tenkou Kotofumi according to Crunchyroll (I can’t read the kanji and confirm that). The only part of the animation he didn’t build himself was the music, he got […]

Analog MRI

This amazing video, called A Slice of Life, was put together by the folks at the GE Show. The premise of the program is to make the technology that is changing our day to day lives understandable in ways everyone can understand. The videos are short, punchy, and full of good information. The one presented […]