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John Campbell Online

On Sunday I mentioned John W. Campbell’s Who Goes There because the latest iteration of the story, in movie format, is being released on disc today. But I thought I should also mention that you can read his stories online, or a number of the ones in the public domain at least. He also did […]

Something to Do: Movies

Chronicle is the story of three teen friends who gain superpowers, only to loose themselves to their darker sides. While not exactly a movie I have been waiting for (and there are lots of those in 2012), it may be OK for a weekend’s distraction.

Something to Watch: DVDs

There isn’t much coming out this week, but a few of them are quite good. In Time is a brutally intense little film about using your lifespan as money, and all the implications of that shift on society. The Thing is done as a prequil to Carpenter’s 1982 cult classic film, which was a remake […]

Mirror Mirror trailer

The new movie Mirror Mirror just looks like too much fun, I am going to have to catch this one on the big screen. It may also be Julia Roberts only time to play the bad guy, since she gets to be the evil witch in this Snow White live action reimaging.


Every Doctor Who Story in 9 minutes

With the full title Every Doctor Who Story 1963 to Now – A Babelcolour Tribute, this is a wonderful little video. And while any given show generally gets around 5 seconds of video, he really did manage to cover at least all the surviving stories, and gave the name and number of the ones that […]

Resident Evil trailer

They just keep making the Resident Evil movies, and another one will be coming our way in September. This trailer is kind of cute; it starts out like a smartphone add, but it isn’t. This is the 5th movie for the franchise, which is pretty intense when you realize most games made into movies never […]

Hacktavist Trailer: A Movie

This one is just plain scary quite frankly, but it is also a situation that is with us today and not going away any time soon. This is what happens if you put the tools of today in the hands of just about anybody that walks up the street. This is also a movie coming […]


2NE1 keeps creating some amazing rock, and here we have a few more examples for you. The first one goes by the title Hate You, and is a good example of how to animate a live band. It includes a number of classic Anime tropes and characters being inserted into your Real Life environment. The […]

Something to Do: Movies

No actual genre films this week, although Man on a Ledge could be entertaining. Do not despair, because there actually are a ton of great movies coming out this year yet. Chronicle is out next week, a story about 3 high school friends who gain superpowers and risk loosing their souls. In February we get […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

Topping off the movie list, Real Steel, an excellent movie about a washed up fighter, a kid, and the robot the kid believes in. But there is another movie that excites me this week: Toki o kakeru shôjo, or in English Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. This one is the latest live […]