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Teacher’s Home-Built Tardis

This absolutely has to be my favorite video of a schoolteacher (specifically a German teacher) building a Tardis. This was obviously a true labor of love, appropriate for the month that contains both Valentines Day and Leap Year.

New Brave trailer

This is the second Brave trailer, and it is even more fun then the first one was. I have definitely added this to my list of must-see animations for this summer. Thanks to SFX for the heads up on this one.

Something to Do: Movies

This time around it is an animation from the folks who made Despicable Me: The Lorax is a Doctor Seuss story brought to life. I find it interesting that Danny DeVito plays the Lorax in the English, Spanish, and Russian language versions of the film. Also out this week, although only at film festivals, is […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

Best movie selection this week definitely goes to Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s stunning Steampunk homage to a pioneer in the film industry and to movies in general. This one blew me away in the theaters, it won a Golden Globe and it is nominated for 11 Academy Awards; we will find out tonight how many of […]

Interactive Van Goth

If you appreciated the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor, you are going to love this. I should mention that the interactive part does NOT mean you can do this yourself with it, since it is just a streaming video. But I must add my voice to a bunch of folks, including Gizmodo, in […]

Tomb Raider XXX trailer

The trailer isn’t triple X, in fact it is safe for work. The movie itself is a XXX parody of Tomb Raider, and according to several sources it actually looks like it could be fairly entertaining. This is being released to DVD sometime in February, so you might want to keep your eye out for […]

Robot and Frank

Just recently the new movie a href=””>Robot and Frank was at Sundance, where it won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize. It is something of a buddy film, with Frank Langella and his robot sidekick as the buddies. Until someone picks it up for distribution, you can catch it on the film festival circuit.


Happy Last Year!

This one cracked me up; the advertising agency promo about how they got the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 to have their brand awareness outshine the Egyptians. The internet continues to be a wonderful place, which is totally due to the creativity of the folks that live there, which in this case means Buzzman.


Korea Rock

There are several tasty Korean bands I would like to mention today, the first one being Girl’s Generation. They are more of a pop group than a rock group, but they have worked long and hard at creating a following, as you can tell from their song Run Devil Run. The next track to mention […]

Something to Do: Movies

While there is nothing major being released nationally this week, there are a few films worth your attention getting limited engagements. Unicorn City is the story of an out of work gamer who decides to prove himself to his potential employer by founding a utopian society comprised of his LARPing collective. As you might expect, […]