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Sci-Fi Rock

This may be from last year, but it is still a great Sci-Fi short feature video disguised as a Katy Perry song.

Take-away Zombie Apocalypse

If you live in the UK you can now order a Zombie Apocalypse for you and your friends, according to Starburst Magazine. You call a group called BuyAGift and sign up to have the experience at one of their locations, which include an abandoned shopping mall and a classic manor house. Actors portraying brain eating […]

Auroras from Above

Auroras look amazing when you are gazing up into the night sky, so imagine how they look from space. You don’t have to, actually, because the folks at Science at NASA have put together this little video for us. There should be some great Aurora displays coming up in the next few years, since the […]

New Total Recall teaser trailer

This Sunday we will see the first full trailer, but here is both the teaser to the trailer and a shorty trailer for the new Total Recall project. I normally don’t post twice on the same day, but this is Philip K. Dick, people!


Dr Who Season 7 Trailer

Yes, the new season looks good already, and still has a touch of Amy and the US in it…

Nimoy on Mars

It was Leonard Nimoy’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Leonard!), so it seemed like the perfect week to post his video with Bruno Mars on the Lazy Song. If you haven’t seen this one yet, it is wonderfully silly and shows you just how comedic Nimoy can be without even using words.


Something to Do: Movies

I love the weeks like this that have several things to choose from. For silly fun I would have to vote for Mirror Mirror, where Julia Roberts played the Evil Queen (that had to be a hoot for her). I was rather surprised to find a serious coding flaw on their web page; when you […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

Confucius: Live Action Movie is something a bit different for legendary screen star Chow Yun-fat, as well as history itself. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, though. Which is good, because it seems to be the only interesting film out this week.

Eureka: Season 4.5 was a lot of fun, and […]

Dark Shadows trailer

This one looks like a hoot! The original Dark Shadows TV series took itself way too seriously, but even as it was being aired everyone knew it was a campy classic. But with the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton makeover, there is not even the Shadow of a doubt: this one is being played for the fun […]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter new trailer

Another new trailer has been released for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the more I see, the more I am ready for the movie to get here! Fox doesn’t seem to have given the film its own web site yet, hope they at least promote it as the release date draws closer.