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Something to Do: Movies

The first blockbuster of the summer is finally here: The Avengers, with Joss Whedon at the helm and all the actors you would expect in their various rolls. If you have been going to the movies for the past handful of years you have been watching them build up to this one, movie by movie. […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

Not exactly a top week for movies on DVD, the only genre flic I could find was Thunderstorm: Return of Thor, based on a comic book version of the god published by Fox Comics back in the 1940s. While I found the concept interesting, I am underwhelmed by its execution, and would sooner recommend the […]

Sci-Fi London 11 Film Festival

The 11th annual Sci-Fi London Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film kicks off on Tuesday, the 1st, with a ton of great stuff going on. They will be doing 6 world premieres including the Steampunkish Death, the claustrophobic True Love, and the rather impressive Memory Lane, said to be made for $300.


Robot Chicken vs. DC Comics

The maniacs at Robot Chicken have a new special coming out, and the target this time is the superheroes of DC Comics. I think the fun part is going to be the cast, which includes Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern); Megan Fox (Lois Lane); Seth Green (Aquaman, Batman, Robin); Neil Patrick Harris (Two-Face); Breckin Meyer (Superman); […]

USA Science & Engineering Festival this weekend

If you are anywhere near DC this weekend the USA Science & Engineering Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday. The schedule includes exhibitions, stage shows, and a monster book fair, with literally hundreds of events and exhibits taking place. A few of the events I am looking forward to are the Stargazing Party at […]

Conception trailer

In this game you get 12 women pregnant, bond with their kids while they are growing up, and the kids become your team for the battles. Games may have changed a bit since I last noticed. This one is for the PSP platform, and is scheduled to be released tomorrow, at least in Japan. I […]

Hotel Transylvania trailer

The new animated silliness of Hotel Transylvania finally has a trailer I can actually post, not to mention an official web site now. This one looks like fun, and will be out some time in September.

Something to Do: Movies

It is finally time to go see Pirates! Band Of Misfits in all its silly animated glory, and I am ready! If you are in the mood for something a bit more serious, John Cusack plays Edgar Allen Poe working with a Baltimore detective trying to catch the killer reenacting all of Poe’s most horrible […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

There are no well known movies coming out this week, which is how we end up with Thor at the Bus Stop and Planet of the Vampire Women sharing the first mention, because they are at least sort of genre. I really can’t recommend either of them to anyone, even a little. I can, however, […]

How Do You Play That?

I have never played Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, or watched the show that spawned it. But now, thanks to the good folks at Geek Tyrant I have a handy image that shows me exactly what trumps which and why. It actually looks like it could be kind of fun, and definitely geeky.