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Continuum: you can’t see it here

And it is driving me nutz! Continuum is a Sci-Fi time travel cop show series with some incredible actors and production values, filmed in Vancouver and currently running on Showcase. But Showcase is a Canadian channel, and as far as I have been able to determine so far, if you live in the US you […]

New Looper trailer

Looper is the story of a man who kills time travelers for a living, and then goes back in time to save himself. The same himself who is trying to kill him. This is a new trailer for the movie, you can see the last one in my previous blog entry on the topic. And […]

Local cable just added MNet!

I am happy to report my local cable system just added MNet America to the channel lineup. They were already running two Korean channels, two Japanese channels, over 10 Chinese channels, 6 Indian channels (4 in Hindi, one in Punjabi, one in a language I didn’t recognize), 3 Filipino channels, a Vietnamese channel, and a […]

We lost Caroline John (Elizabeth Shaw)

Caroline John was the name of the actress who played Elizabeth Shaw on Doctor Who, and we lost her this month. She was an active actress, with 50 titles to her credit, some of which had her sharing the screen with Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. Here are just a few of the tribute videos to remember […]

Barbarella as TV Show

I have a hard time imagining how they could do this justice, unless it was shown on an HBO-equivalent premium channel where running a hard-R program was a good thing. The are looking at making Barbarella as a TV Show according to that article from /Film. Both of the recent attempts to resurrect and re-imagine […]

Something to Do: Movies

Simultaneously exceedingly cute and eerily disturbing, Ted is about a talking stuffed teddy bear who came to life while its owner (Mark Wahlberg) was a child, and he has never been able to get rid of him since. This is the first feature film project Seth MacFarlane has done since he developed Family Guy, and […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

We have three interesting movies this week, two of them silly. The serious one is Wrath of the Titans, which I didn’t see in theaters because the first one took itself too seriously, and I didn’t need any more of that. I still don’t. I also didn’t see Mirror, Mirror, not so much because it […]

Monster University trailer

They haven’t set up the web site yet, but I loved the original Pixar animation Monsters Inc, and am looking forward to the sequel Monsters University.

Monsters Rampage Cardiff

A few of the monsters escaped from the Doctor Who Experience, recently relocated to Cardiff, and were wandering the streets harassing the passers by. I got to visit the exhibition in London this past October, I can’t wait to go back and learn what new goodies they deployed for the new installation. Obviously I will […]

Let’s Go To Mars!

It turns out that NASA’s Mars Explorer Program still has a shot at getting a manned mission to the Red Planet! Which means I was wrong when was afraid we had gone totally third world, abandoning our future in space for a few bucks in local pork barrel projects used to line some politicians pockets. […]