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Doctor Who season 7

Yes, this trailer has been around for a while; too bad. I like it, so here it is again.

Something to Do: Movies

It is finally time to see whether the new version of Total Recall does either the Philip K. Dick book or the original version of the film justice. The trailers have looked very promising indeed.

Something to Watch: DVDs

In western animation we have Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets, who’s 14 episode are the completion of season one of the TV series.

Cloud Atlas trailer

On October 26th, one of the potentially best movies of the year will hit the big screen: Cloud Atlas. The 2004 book by David Mitchell was amazing, the cast and directors are amazing (many of the actors playing multiple rolls), this trailer makes it look like the finished product could just possibly live up to […]

We Lost Mary Tamm

We lost Mary Tamm yesterday, when she died from cancer at the age of 62. She played many rolls over the years, but to me she will always be the first Ramana from Tom Baker era Doctor Who. Tardis Elliot put together the nicest tribute video I could find…


Nerdist Special tomorrow

Yep, tomorrow night on BBC America they have a full set of Nerdist programming scheduled, including a new hour long Comic-Con special. Who knows, there might even be some footage of Team Nerdist vs. Team Doctor Who bowling footage.

Revolution trailer

Revolution kicks off on NBC on September 17th, and I was planing to be watching it anyways because it is science fiction by J.J.Abrams. But after watching the trailer I had to mark it in my calendar so I don’t miss it; this one looks like fun.

District of Wonders launches

It started out with Starship Sofa, a wonderful podcast that had both a news and a Radio Play segment. Later they added Tales to Terrify, with audio stories for the horror fans. They have now launched District of Wonders, which includes both of the aforementioned series as well as two new ones: Protecting Project Pulp […]

Night View from ISS

I don’t have a clue what this was doing posted on CultBox, nor do I care, really. This is an amazing video, and the music to go with it was an excellent selection.

Something to Do: Movies

They changed the name, but The Watch is about a neighborhood watch team that is out to protect their town from aliens from outer space… whether they are a danger to anyone or not. Somehow this one doesn’t really appeal to me, probably because I don’t find either Stiller or Vaughn more than boring. The […]