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Something to Watch: DVDs

There are a number of good movies this time around, with Iron Sky telling the story of Nazi’s on the moon coming back to take over the Earth decades after they fled. I can’t quite decide if this one is more action/adventure or comedy, and I was fairly surprised when it had its world premier […]

Klingon Style!

The Korean original of this song has been running on channels like M-Net for months now, and just recently came to the attention of everybody in the world, in fact becoming the first Korean song ever to take the number one position on iTunes. But out of all the parodies, Klingon Style has to be […]

Mylene Farmer: Alice

There are a very few artists I have ever seen who can pull off this kind of stage presence: David Bowie, Mylene Farmer, Fee Waybill, a very few others. And yes, the links between this one and Bowie’s Glass Spider tour are obvious. But if I had to pick just ten musical genius’s and limit […]

SIGGRAPH’s MetroCAF 2012

Tomorrow is the day that MetroCAF 2012 takes place: the annual SIGGRAPH event honoring the best animation talents that NYC-area schools can muster. This year’s jury has selected four outstanding achievement pieces to be honored at MetroCAF, but even the least of these entries are amazing bits of work. If you have ever built computer […]

Hollywood in Space

The Air and Space Museum has a couple of nice presentations they have put together about how Hollywood has approached showing what going into space will look like over the years. On the Rocket Pioneers page they have a list of early rocket scientists, pretty much the men who invented the entire concept of using […]


This short from 2008 France is quite well done, and is part of the Esma Movie collection on YouTube. Strangely enough, most of the credits go to the orchestra, and not so many to the animators.

Something to Do: Movies

This week we have a couple of good options to select from. Looper is the story of a time traveler who has to avoid being murdered by himself, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as old and young Joe. If you are in the mood for comedy rather than action/adventure, Hotel Transylvania is an animated […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

Topping the list this week is The Avengers, one of the best films I have seen in quite a while. Everything else would pale against this film anyways, but when the only other live action feature film has a title like Strippers vs. Werewolves, one wonders why they bothered.

However, there is a movie […]


The group is Volkerball, the song is from their album released this April and is called Radioaktiv. This group is a bit more metal than I normally go for, and definitely has delusions of being Rammstein, but I liked the song and loved the video they built to support the music.


Hobbit Trailer

More J.R.R. Tolkien classic storytelling is coming to the big screen! Yes, we have all known this for years, and yes, this trailer has been online for days (or at least 1.5 of those day thingies) but DAMN it is good to finally get a glimpse of it! I am so ready for the next […]