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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Gangnam Style! Psy is out there, and so are many of the folks who have reacted to this song. Next year you should pick a hot song and program your local electrical grid to do this kind of thing to it.

Level E, Gantz, Kill Bill, Battle Royale; Thanks, Chiaki!

I couldn’t actually find the Level E OP to embed here, but I did manage to find the full song used in that opening sequence, and it is kick ass; Cold Finger Girl as performed by Chiaki Kuriyama. If she looks familiar, it’s probably because she played killer girl Gogo Yubari in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill […]

Big Buck Bunny

Oops! Had to fix a bad video link; this one is from the Blender Foundation, so it should stay good. If you haven’t seen it before, Big Buck Bunny was made as a Blender project a few years back, more I think to prove that you could indeed get professional grade animation out of free […]

Something to Do: Movies

We have several decent films to choose between this week, and silly person that I am I find myself leaning towards Wreck-It Ralph. This animation is about an arcade game villain who decides to be a hero instead, and all the chaos and destruction he creates in the process. But then again Vamps, a romantic […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

I missed Safety Not Guaranteed in the theaters, a quirky little might-be time travel film based on a real add published in a major magazine a few decades ago, so I am quite happy it is making it to DVD this week. I really don’t care if it turns out not to be Sci-Fi, the […]

Festival Express soon online!

In the the summer of 1970 some folks in Canada hired a private train so they could load some musicians into it and go from town to town putting on mini festivals everywhere they went. The tour and the film made from it was called Festival Express, and it was an instant classic of the […]

Space Hospital

It isn’t James White, but it is funny and entertaining. Space Hospital has simple animations in a low budget format, but somehow I seem to keep watching them, so I thought I should post in case you liked them too.

Iron Man 3 trailer

Here is a movie I am seriously looking forward to. This franchise just keeps getting better with every film, and not just Iron Man; all the Avengers.

Sounds of Cylons

Too funny for words. Glad someone finally finally put these together the way they deserved to be. I always thought Art was a bit stiff and robotic anyways, now I know why.

The Chase

This animated short film by Tomas Vergara brings you an enjoyable video that doesn’t use spoken words to tell its story. And you really don’t need them with this one; all you have to do is watch.