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Classic Radio Plays

BBC Radio 4 Extra always runs some great radio plays; this week alone you can hear Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Systers and a series of short Sci-Fi stories turned into audio books on Brian Aldus Presents. If you hit their Schedule for this week you can hit Monday and start from the beginning, as they let […]

Graphic Resources: LayerPaint

If you are a digital artist or are just looking for some tutorials, check out Layer Paint, a new site full of resources to help out. This site really did just launch, so they are just beginning to compile their gallery and get their tutorials going. I found a free brush set there that was […]

Fun Music 29Jan13

Yep, another round of music that just seems like fun to me. The first song is from the Australian band San Cisco, with the title Awkward. The second tune is called Ven Ven from the band Liquits. Each of these was posted by SXSW recently, along with a bunch of other videos that bored me […]

Something to Do: Movies, 1Feb12

All the choices are a bit off-beat this week, but that works for me. Warm Bodies is the most interesting looking Zombie Comedy since Shawn of the Dead from my perspective. While I don’t recognize most of the cast, I am always ready to watch any film which includes John Malkovich on the roster.


Something to Watch: DVDs, 29Jan13

Getting my vote for strangest movie with the best cast this week is Seven Psychopaths, which I completely enjoyed. All Superheroes Must Die is about four Superheroes stripped of their powers and trapped by their arch-nemesis in a situation where they must fight to avoid total destruction for their entire town. The western animation Hotel […]

Occultic;Nine is coming

I am happy to report that the franchise begun with Chaos;Head, and continued through Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, has another series added to its universe: Occultic;Nine. I have enjoyed everything they have done so far, hopefully they will keep up the quality work on the new offering. Steins;Gate was one of the twistiest time travel stories […]

25 Years of Pixar

It’s been a bit more than that, but this video was made a few years back by Nick Kinder. And unlike some shortsighted production companies, Pixar not only didn’t get mad or threaten lawsuits, they sent him a library of their work because they liked his appreciation video. Which makes sense; you need serious heart […]

New Who, with trailer!

The new Doctor Who season kicks off on March 30th according to the folks at TOR, and I am certainly ready for the ride. Just to get you in the mood, here is the latest trailer.

APOD 3D Comet image

The APOD site at NASA, AKA the Astronomy Picture of the Day page, recently posted this 3D image of Helene, one of the Trojan Moons of Saturn. And yes, you will need to break out your red/blue glasses to see it properly. Helene is a tiny little thing measuring only 36 by 32 by 30 […]

Tai Chi Zero Music Videos

The band is called The Slants, the song title is Love Letters From Andromeda, and the footage is from Tai Chi Zero, a Steampunk Kung-Fu movie coming out on DVD today. The second one is the band National Campaign doing another music video for the same movie, called The Stand. Enjoy.