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Nerdcore Sci-Friday

Science Friday will be covering the impact of Sequestration on science and research tomorrow, but they also have a very fun guest: MC Frontalot. He’s not the only Nerdcore artist, but he is my favorite, and he just came out with a new CD, his 5th. Nerdcore is hip-hop for nerds, about computers, video games, […]

Copyrights and Doctorow

Coming up on Thursday the 28th at the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at Kansas University, Cory Doctorow will be doing a lecture entitled The Coming War on General Purpose Computing: Every single political issue will end up rehashing the stupid Internet copyright fight. I wish I was anywhere near there so […]

Copyrights and Fans

There is a great set of three articles over at Anime News Network about copyright’s as they apply to fandom, written by a lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property law. While they specifically address Anime fans, the concepts discussed are equally valid for any genre fans. They are well written and easy for the non-lawyer […]

Something to Do: Movies, 1Mar13

This week’s best bet is Jack the Giant Slayer, which started life as Jack and the Beanstalk but veered off in a new direction pretty quickly. There is also The Frankenstein Theory, which has the interesting premise that Mary Shelly’s book was not a work of fiction. For myself, I will be at Jack, because […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 26Feb13

In movies the Man from Shaolin is coming out, a martial arts story. I should point out this is the 2012 movie starring Li Zhang, not the 2010 collection of 1980s films starring Jet Li that had the same name. Also, the Japanese action/adventure fantasy Red Tears appears to have been renamed Monster Killer for […]

Doctor Who 50th: Bridge

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is coming up in November, and they are making a ton of wonderful specials for it, on top of the actual new episodes in both audio and video format. One of those specials is An Adventure in Space and Time, about how Doctor Who came to exist. David Bradley […]

Orphan Black trailer

BBC America got off to a fine start when they created their very first original series with Copper, and it looks like they are upping the ante with Orphan Black. A chance encounter of an apparent pair of twins separated at birth begins to look more like a cloning experiment run amok in fairly short […]

RU Music fun

A couple of tunes in Russian I like, that also have tasty video’s with them. The first is ANA BASTON with her song Li-Lu, the second is Pavlova’s song Часы. I don’t have a clue what they are about, but I like the music and visuals both, and Pavlova is definitely Clockpunk.


Science Comics

The folks over at Planet Science have a new weekly online web comic called Cosmic Comics. The story starts out with three friends from Australia (yes, the site is from Down Under) figuring out how to use a telescope to look for an asteroid, and what happens when they find one. This is a great […]


The world as seen from space in HD; UrtheCast is mounting a couple of HD cameras on the ISS. And the UrtheCast partner, The Science Channel, will be using the video stream to create programming around. I think this channel is going to become my video wallpaper.