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Something to Watch: DVDs, 2Apr13

I almost skipped the movie mention, because the only release I am aware of, Earth’s Final Hours, is a made-for-Syfy schlockfest that even the Syfy channel won’t admit to any more. If you have to have a movie this week, at least Freeloaders is silly fun, even if it isn’t genre.

TV does better, with […]

16 Bit Doctor Who

I would have loved a copy of this game if it had only existed, but this very funny video was put together by the folks at Collage Humor. The site has a large number of highly skilled contributors with a range of different talents, so you can find all kinds of amusing content there.


World War Z Trailer 2

Another trailer for what might end up being one of the few interesting Zombie movies of the year… World War Z. With so many Living Dead choices, it is surprising how few every year are worth checking out, but this could actually be the best of the crop this time around.


New Doctor Who, Orphen Black, The Nerdist this weekend

Yes, this Saturday is the start of the new season of Doctor Who, and the premier of the new series Orphan Black on BBC America. If that wasn’t enough, Chris Hardwick will be following that block up with the new season of The Nerdist. I have already programed my DVR to grab all 3 shows […]

Saturday the 14th

A Vimeo Staff Pick, this animation about what horror movie serial killers do on their day of is a hoot. Built by Kristjan Lyngmo with a bit of attitude and style, it will hopefully inspire budding animators to give their own pet projects a shot. Thanks to io9 and a dozen others (but they got […]

New RWBY trailer

Rooster Teeth, the folks who brought us that masterpiece of combat comedy Red Vs. Blue, have a tasty new animation project: RWBY. The latest trailer is the top one, the Black trailer. After that are the earlier trailers, the White and Red. They haven’t released the Yellow trailer yet, but this will give you an […]

Something to Do: Movies, 29Mar13

The Host is a story of alien invasion, body snatchers who push out the human spirit, but some humans fight back hard. Based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, we get no sparkling vampires this time, so I think it might be worth taking a look at. Also out, GI Joe: Retaliation claims it is […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 26Mar13

The winner this week is Tatsumi, based on Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s autobiographical manga, A Drifting Life. While Tatsumi idolized Osamu Tezuka, and met him in postwar occupied Japan as a young Manga artist/writer, he decided after a while that he didn’t want to just write stories for children. So in the 1950’s he invented Gekiga (dramatic […]

Misfits Season 5 announced

One of the least politically correct superhero comedies ever made, Misfits has been signed up for season 5 according to Digital Spy. Apparently they are also considering doing a movie, and if that happens we may get the return of a few of the earlier cast members as well. So far only the first two […]

Star Trek Into Darkness new trailer

For those who have not already seen this, get ready; it is going to be one hell of a ride! Star Trek Into Darkness looks like a killer production for the rebooted franchise, and if I could only get my Tardis working properly I would have already seen it.