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More J-Rock; Superfly, Calendar, Flood…

The first track is Superfly’s Skipped Beat, a classic little jazz piece. Then comes the Alt-Rock anthem from The Calendar of Happy Days with a track from their new album Feelback View. The third track is a Lo-Fi capture of a live song done by A Flood Of Circle. If you don’t know these bands, […]

Car Teeth

I was wandering to lunch the other day, when I ran into this in the parking lot. Someone had taken a sports car and added imitation sharks teeth to the grill. While I figured they did it to make the car look tough and cool, the actual effect is more like you just ran into […]

Star Wars Medley

I don’t believe I have ever heard the Star Wars theme music done in quite this style before, so I had to share it. By Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens, this was a YouTube Geek Week flagged item which I somehow missed until now. And then, just because I enjoyed that one so much, I […]

Life Size Gundam

If you fly into Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, pretty soon you will be greeted by a life size Gundam as you land; the footage here is from the Odaiba Gundam, also life size, which has been up and running all summer. The amazing videos are put together by DarwinFish, who has some great gear and a […]

The Luggage Family

Yes, the Luggage Family were all there at NADWCon this year in Baltimore. Daddy Luggage was built for me by my good friend Jenn, and she built herself the purse version Mommy Luggage, slightly smaller on the other side. Offler (her Con name obviously, and too bad you can’t see her Crocodile hat properly in […]

Something to Do: Movies, 30Aug13

The only genre film I have located this week is Abigail Harm a fantasy romance base on a Korean folk tail. It is only in limited release; so limited that I think it may only be playing in one theater in New York City. But hopefully the rest of us will have access to it […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 27Aug13

The Painting is the most interesting movie this week, a French animation (the language; the country the animation was made in was Belgium) about three different castes of painted characters. The animation approach is unusual, although it does remind me of A Cat In Paris, another French animation (this time both the country it was […]

More J-Rock: N’夙川 Boys

I will find out the name of this band in a format that Amazon or Apple understands, because I need to buy their music! While researching, it looks like N’ Shukugawa Boys has the highest probability of being correct. I stumbled across this while looking for something else entirely (the internet is wonderful that way) […]


This short animation was created by Rodrigo Blaas, and it won a bunch of awards when it came out in 2009, including a Goya in 2010. Blaas worked at Pixar for a while, on projects including Wall-E. In 2011 there was a deal in the works to turn this into a feature length film at […]

Password Rant

I have my own password rant, but Tobuscus seems to sum it up rather nicely. He at least covers all the major points I do, and one I missed; enjoy.