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The Pinballs

The Pinballs are another excellent guitar based rock band from Japan. The first track is from their second album 100 Years On A Spaceship, and the second track, Ten Bear, is just as kick ass.

Doctor Who: Legacy

Doctor Who: Legacy is a free mobile RPG/Puzzle game app from BBC Worldwide and Tiny Rebel Games, yet another celebration of 50 years of the Tardis. It starts off with the most recent Doctor, Companions, and Villeins from the latest two seasons, but the plan is to expand it to cover everyone from the entire […]

You Know You’re a Whovian

A picture of Bessie from the event, Pertwee’s car from when the Doctor was stranded on Earth, and a cute video from Katrina Hossenlopp. She obviously had way too much fun trying to make sure she never used the same text effect twice.

Doctor Who Car With Outfits


Happy Turkey Day!

Doctor Who’s Day Of The Doctor got an official Guinness World Record for being simulcast in the most number of countries of any TV show ever, a total of 94 of them. You can almost see me and my friend in the shot where they are facing the audience, but then Steven Moffat raises his […]

Amazing Who 50th Celebration: Initial Report

I am back, and I survived the Doctor Who 50th Celebration, which was amazing, no to mention huge. I could make every post to the end of the year about this, and still have material left over to take me into the next. I am not going to do that, but it is amazing that […]

Android WordPress

Thought I would try out using the Android WordPress app to see if it was easy or not. It did take a bit of poking and prodding to figure out which icon did what; hope I didn’t delete too many entries in the process. Of course, a build up of fatigue poisons could be playing […]

Something to Do: Movies, 29Nov13

Coming out on Wednesday rather than Friday this time, Frozen looks like a fun ride. If the trailers are anything to judge by, this one looks a lot like Tangled, which I really enjoyed.

Something to Watch: DVDs, 26Nov13

My favorite movie this time around just might be Red 2, the amazing sequel to the first film they created out of this graphic novel. Scratch that, nothing “might be” about it; this one is world class! Also out, Jobs is a BioPic with a proper attitude.

In TV, I count Murdoch Mysteries: Season […]

Doctor Who Theme with Music

I generally do a music post on Saturday night, and tonight being the 50th anniversary of the very first Doctor Who episode, that pretty much locks down the theme. A number of fans have done their own version of Doctor Who Theme, and I thought I would share a few of the ones I really […]

Silly A Capella Who and Karen’s take on 50

There does come a point where you have to admit some of this might just be the tiniest bit silly. But what’s not to love? The following video is quite tasty, an interview with Karen Gillan about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary that also talks about her role on another excellent Sci-Fi franchise, Guardians Of […]