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Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes 2014

PCMag dropped in on the House of Imagination exhibit at the Tribeca Film Festival and put together this report. This is the second year the festival did the exhibit and competition, which they call Storyscapes; it is all about how movies may evolve and become more interactive and more immersive. There were 5 finalists, and […]

Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum Online

He is called the God of Manga because he not only wrote some of the most iconic Manga of all time, including Astro Boy, but he basically invented the system of Manga and Anime creation and marketing in use to this day. Earlier this month Google opened up an online version of the Tezuka Osamu […]

Something to Do: Movies

We get The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the big screen this week, with all that excellent spidey action and banter we have come to expect. He gets a couple of super villains to defeat this time around, and begins to suspect they have something in common. This 5th venture into the Spiderman franchise looks like […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

In movies, the 2010 live action version of Space Battleship Yamato is finally coming to the US. The original Anime series, begun in 1973, changed Japanese science fiction profoundly, bringing a more complex and serious storyline than had yet been seen. It influenced and inspired many anime series to come after it, including Neon Genesis […]

Still More One OK Rock!

Let’s face it, no one can ever have enough One OK Rock, and here are a few of their tunes to prove it to you!

The Last Ship is coming!

Based on this trailer, I suspect Michael Bay’s The Last Ship is going to be a serious contender for this summer’s TV viewing champion. This post-apocalyptic action/drama starts with a virus that wipes out a major percentage of the people on the Earth… but the people on the Sea are uninfected, as long as they […]

Smithsonian Sci-Fi

Eileen Gunn has an excellent article published in Smithsonian Magazine about the history and nature of Science Fiction’s relationship with science and discovery. Titled How America‚Äôs Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Your Future, it is a thoughtful piece by an expert on the topic. It includes quotes from some of the best known authors […]

Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty video

Considering how often she has turned up on the hit Japanese TV show Music Station, I can’t be very surprised about Avril Lavigne’s latest music video Hello Kitty. I was not sure if it was filmed in Japan; that part has now been confirmed. It is kind of refreshing to hear Japanese lyrics in an […]

Train Your Dragon 2: First 5

DreamWorks Animation just posted the first five minutes of How To Train Your Dragon 2, so I figured I would share it here. Enjoy.

Something to Do: Movies

There are two choices that could be fun this weekend; The Machine is about two engineers working to create an autonomous AI to help mankind (and specifically one scientist’s daughter). That lasts until the Ministry of Defense steps in, takes the AI operated robot over, and teaches it to kill. As you know, this is […]