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Androp Music

This time a few tracks from the band Androp out of Japan. The first song is One from their third full length album, Period. The other track is Voice from their 3rd single. They have a lot of other good music worth your time to check out.


SAO Series 2 coming in July

The folks over at Crunchyroll have announced that they will be streaming the new Sword Art Online II beginning on July 5th. As usual, that pretty much means you get to see it an hour after it airs in Tokyo if you are a premium member, and one week later for everybody else. This is […]

Game Creator Contest

There is an Indie Game Maker Contest that starts today and runs to the end of June, and the software to build your game is available dirt cheap this week only. The grand prize is $10,000, and the development system and the games run on Steam, for the best in online game play. To get […]

Sailor Moon Done Right

The folks over at Viz have licensed not only the new Sailor Moon series, but all the original series as well. They are bringing the classic ones back, uncut and unedited for the first time to North America. You will be able to buy them on DVD/Blue Ray combo packages put out two box sets […]

Big Hero 6 trailer

OK, maybe just the teaser-trailer, but Big Hero 6 does look like a fun ride. The 3D modeling/animation software the boy is playing with to create his robot looks like the kind of interface the animators used to make the movie, which makes sense. You use what you know to create, after all, and today’s […]

Something to Do: Movies, 30May14

It get’s its world premier in L.A. on Wednesday, but on Friday Maleficent is on big screens everywhere. Another Disney prequel, this time about the evil witch who cursed the newborn in Sleeping Beauty, only to realize later she may have made a mistake. If you are looking for something funnier (notice I didn’t say […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 27May14

In Movies the winner is Journey to the West, an action comedy about a young inept demon hunter and the highly skilled female demon hunter he teams up with. This is another Steven Chow film, the man who created Kung Fu Hustle, and who is well on his way to taking over the Action Comedy […]

Shishido Kavka

Shishido Kavka knows how to rock, and she plays her own drums. Her music covers a wide range of styles, some of it just a bit more syrupy than I would prefer, but a lot of it quite good.

New Guardians trailer

The new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy includes a new 70s one-hit wonder song, plus we get to hear both Groot and Rocket speak for the first time. This is not one of Marvel’s better known properties, but I am definitely looking forward to it. It will be on the big screen come August […]

New RoboLinux Distro; Run XP Inside

You have an older computer and you don’t want to give up your XP Windows, even though support ended months ago. One possible solution is to burn RoboLinux to disk, boot from that disk, and run your already-installed OEM version of Windows XP or 7 from the hard drive, inside of this VM (Virtual Machine) […]